Ocean Dynamics and the Carbon Cycle

The ocean is a turbulent fluid and controls climate on time scales from months to millenia. It is also nonlinear: Small scale processes like turbulence and waves affect climate.






























































































































































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The Future at TeamOcean

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At TeamOcean, we develop and maintain the ocean model Veros, a high-performance general circulation model for CPU and GPU in pure Python.
Because the Baroque is over!

Theory at TeamOcean

Animation of cross-equatorial geostrophic adjustment, MSc thesis of D. Häfner

TeamOcean at Sea

Meteor-M120 ship - Research cruise in the year of 2015

M120 Research Cruise: Recife to Walvis Bay. Presentation by Helen R. Pillar


Name Titel Study
Marta Mrozowska MSc. Student Silicate Cycle
Maliha Shfagat Khan MSc. Student Dansgaard-Oeschger Physics
Ida Stoustrup MSc. Student Machine Learning
Rasmus Ranum Hansen BSc. Student Ocean Turbulence
Yulii Bardenshtein BSc. Student Rogue Waves