Ocean Dynamics and the Carbon Cycle

The ocean is a turbulent fluid and controls climate on time scales from months to millenia. It is also nonlinear: Small scale processes like turbulence and waves affect climate.






























































































































































Name Title Phone E-mail
Guo, Chuncheng Visiting Researcher   E-mail
Häfner, Dion PhD fellow +45 353-33890 E-mail
Jochum, Markus Professor +45 353-26921 E-mail
Lange, Xaver Postdoc +45 353-31259 E-mail
Nuterman, Roman Laboratory coordinator +45 353-37743 E-mail
Shaffer, Gary Professor emeritus   E-mail

The Future at TeamOcean

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At TeamOcean, we develop and maintain the ocean model Veros, a high-performance general circulation model for CPU and GPU in pure Python.
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Theory at TeamOcean

Animation of cross-equatorial geostrophic adjustment, MSc thesis of D. Häfner

TeamOcean at Sea

Meteor-M120 ship - Research cruise in the year of 2015

M120 Research Cruise: Recife to Walvis Bay. Presentation by Helen R. Pillar


Name Titel Study
Marta Mrozowska MSc. Student Silicate Cycle
Maliha Shfagat Khan MSc. Student Dansgaard-Oeschger Physics
Ruth Julia Ladwig MSc. Student LGM Carbon Budgets
Ella Jacobsen MSc. Student Marine Microplastics
Lara Helen Mollney MSc. Student Iron Fertilization
Ida Stoustrup MSc. Student Machine Learning
Nanna Nielsen BSc. Student Marine Carbon Cycle