Physics of Ice Climate and Earth

The section for the Physics of Ice, Climate and Earth at the Niels Bohr Institute studies the elements of the Earth system – the atmosphere, oceans, ice sheets and glaciers, sea ice, and the solid Earth itself – and the interactions between them.

We have a world-leading role in the drilling of ice cores from the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets, analyse the ice samples in our laboratories, and interpret the data together with results from computer models of all parts of the climate system, including general circulation models and models of ice flow.

We also work with theoretical aspects of meteorology, oceanography and complex system dynamics to understand both gradual and abrupt climatic changes of the past, present, and future. We study the physics of the solid Earth with seismic data, gravity and magnetic observations from satellites, inverse method theory and numerical modelling.














































Alerskans, Emy Maria KarinPhD student +45 39 15 72 48E-mail
Andersen, Susanne MunkAcademic employee +45 353-37257E-mail
Ayzenberg, AlenaPostdoc +45 353-24153E-mail
Bendikas, LaimonasDoctor  
Blunier, ThomasProfessor +45 353-20584E-mail
Capron, EmiliePostdoc +45 353-33192E-mail
Chrillesen, Ellen EmmeLaboratory technician +45 353-20551E-mail
Christensen, Jens HesselbjergProfessor +45 353-35658E-mail
Christensen, Kevin AmtoftChef  
Cook, ElizaAcademic employee +45 353-34426E-mail
Dahl-Jensen, DortheProfessor +45 353-20556E-mail
Diedrichsen, Louise WejlemandSecretary +45 353-23522E-mail
Ditlevsen, PeterAssociate professor +45 353-20603E-mail
Fernandes, IrisPhD fellow +45 353-31543E-mail
Gerber, Tamara AnninaPhD fellow +45 353-26848E-mail
Gkinis, VasileiosAssistant professor +45 60 63 52 97E-mail
Grinsted, AslakAssociate professor +45 353-20510E-mail
Hillerup, Jens ChristianEngineer +45 353-36078E-mail
Holme, Christian TerkelsenPostdoc  E-mail
Hvidberg, Christine SchøttAssociate professor +45 353-20563E-mail
Häfner, DionPhD fellow +45 353-33890E-mail
Jensen, Mathias SkovLaboratory assistant +45 353-32640E-mail
Jochum, MarkusProfessor  E-mail
Jóhannsson, Óli D.  
Kaas, EigilProfessor +45 353-20514E-mail
Khan, Maliha ShfagatIT officer +45 353-34157E-mail
Khoshkholgh, SarouyehPhD fellow +45 353-33327E-mail
Khoshkholgh, SarouyehResearch assistant  E-mail
Kirk, MarieLogistics coordinator +45 353-31320E-mail
Kjær, Helle AstridAssistant professor +45 353-20629E-mail
Koldtoft, IbenCoordinator +45 353-30643E-mail
Liisberg, Jesper BaldtzerPhD fellow +45 353-37658E-mail
Lilien, David ArmondPostdoc +45 353-26298E-mail
Lohmann, Johannes JakobPostdoc +45 52 80 35 43E-mail
Løkkegaard, Anja  
Matte, DominicPostdoc +45 353-35508E-mail
Mosegaard, KlausDeputy head of department +45 21 66 45 66E-mail
Møller, BentDoctor  
Ngoumtsa, Estelle LonyemLaboratory assistant +45 353-33351E-mail
Nielsen, Frederik BuggeChef  
Nuterman, RomanHPC programme developer +45 353-37743E-mail
Oraschewski, Falk MariusLaboratory assistant +45 353-32590E-mail
Pedro, Joel BenjaminInternational Researcher  E-mail
Popp, Trevor JamesLaboratory coordinator +45 353-34011E-mail
Poulsen, Mads BruunResearch assistant +45 40 81 07 79E-mail
Quistgaard, TheaLaboratory assistant +45 353-31240E-mail
Rasmussen, Sune OlanderAssociate professor  E-mail
Rathmann, Nicholas MossorPostdoc  E-mail
Ringgaard, Ida MargrethePhD fellow +45 353-34871E-mail
Schmidt, Mikkel RasmusLaboratory assistant +45 353-35153E-mail
Sinnl, GiuliaPhD fellow +45 353-26235E-mail
Solgaard, Anne Munck  
Steffensen, Jørgen PederProfessor +45 353-20557E-mail
Steffensen, Nanna MarieLaboratory assistant  E-mail
Sudre, Floriane OceaneResearch assistant +45 353-32927E-mail
Svensson, AndersAssociate professor +45 353-20616E-mail
Tølløse, Kasper SkjoldStudent  E-mail
Vallelonga, Paul TravisAcademic employee +45 353-20043E-mail
Venkatesh, JananiLaboratory assistant  E-mail
Vettoretti, GuidoPostdoc +45 353-23433E-mail
Vinther, Bo MøllesøeAssociate professor +45 353-20518E-mail
Westhoff, JulienPhD fellow +45 353-33987E-mail
Wouters, JeroenGuest researcher  
Yoldi Martínez de Mandojana, ZuriñeGuest researcher  E-mail
Zinck, Ann-Sofie PriergaardLaboratory assistant +45 353-22776E-mail



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