Quantum Optics and Photonics at the Niels Bohr Institute Quantum Optics and Photonics at the Niels Bohr Institute Quantum Optics and Photonics at the Niels Bohr Institute Quantum Optics and Photonics at the Niels Bohr Institute Quantum Optics and Photonics at the Niels Bohr Institute Quantum Optics and Photonics at the Niels Bohr Institute Quantum Optics and Photonics at the Niels Bohr Institute Quantum Optics and Photonics at the Niels Bohr Institute

Quantum Optics and Photonics

The Quantum Optics section conducts experimental and theoretical research in Quantum Optics, in particular, in Quantum Information Processing, Quantum Sensors , and Quantum Technologies. 

We use photons, from optics to microwaves interacting with a wide variety of quantum matter, such as quantum dots, single atoms, atomic ensembles and mechanical oscillators. The overarching theme is generation and manipulation of non-classical entangled states for quantum simulation, sensing and communication. The research directions span from fundamental research to device engineering.

The section consists of four experimental groups and a theory group.














































































































































































































Name Title Image
Albrechtsen, Amalie Beate Student Billede af Albrechtsen, Amalie Beate
Andersen, Nils Overgaard Professor emeritus Billede af Andersen, Nils Overgaard
Angelopoulou, Vasiliki PhD fellow Billede af Angelopoulou, Vasiliki
Appel, Martin Hayhurst PhD fellow Billede af Appel, Martin Hayhurst
Bakkensen, Bastian PhD fellow Billede af Bakkensen, Bastian
Bjerlin, Johannes Axel Postdoc Billede af Bjerlin, Johannes Axel
Bohr, Eliot PhD fellow Billede af Bohr, Eliot
Brito Brasil, Tulio Postdoc Billede af Brito Brasil, Tulio
Bærentsen, Christian Folkersen PhD fellow Billede af Bærentsen, Christian Folkersen
Béguin, Jean-Baptiste Sylvain Assistant professor Billede af Béguin, Jean-Baptiste Sylvain
Cambier, Valentin Pierre Postdoc Billede af Cambier, Valentin Pierre
Capelle, Thibault Adrien Postdoc Billede af Capelle, Thibault Adrien
Catalini, Letizia PhD fellow Billede af Catalini, Letizia
Chen, Junxin Research assistant Billede af Chen, Junxin
Chu, Xiao-Liu Postdoc Billede af Chu, Xiao-Liu
Cornillot, Antoine Hippolyte Laboratory assistant Billede af Cornillot, Antoine Hippolyte
Dideriksen, Karsten Bjerrum Research assistant Billede af Dideriksen, Karsten Bjerrum
Enzian, Georg Postdoc Billede af Enzian, Georg
Galinskiy, Ivan Research assistant Billede af Galinskiy, Ivan
Gonzalez Ruiz, Eva Maria PhD fellow Billede af Gonzalez Ruiz, Eva Maria
Hansen, Jacob Thornfeldt PhD fellow Billede af Hansen, Jacob Thornfeldt
Hauff, Nils Valentin PhD fellow Billede af Hauff, Nils Valentin
Hviid, Charlotte Administrative coordinator Billede af Hviid, Charlotte
Jia, Jun Billede af Jia, Jun
Jørgensen, Asbjørn Arvad Research assistant Billede af Jørgensen, Asbjørn Arvad
Kollath-Bönig, Johann Sebastian PhD fellow Billede af Kollath-Bönig, Johann Sebastian
Kralj, Nenad Postdoc Billede af Kralj, Nenad
Kristensen, Mads Bjerregaard PhD fellow Billede af Kristensen, Mads Bjerregaard
Kristensen, Sofus Laguna PhD fellow Billede af Kristensen, Sofus Laguna
Langman, Eric Christopher Postdoc Billede af Langman, Eric Christopher
Lodahl, Peter Professor Billede af Lodahl, Peter
Mathiassen, Jonas Bundgaard PhD fellow Billede af Mathiassen, Jonas Bundgaard
Midolo, Leonardo Associate professor Billede af Midolo, Leonardo
Müller, Jörg Helge Associate professor Billede af Müller, Jörg Helge
Nielsen, Dorte Christiane Garde Research secretary Billede af Nielsen, Dorte Christiane Garde
Novikov, Valerii PhD student Billede af Novikov, Valerii
Papon, Camille PhD fellow Billede af Papon, Camille
Parniak, Michal Postdoc Billede af Parniak, Michal
Pedersen, Freja Thilde Postdoc Billede af Pedersen, Freja Thilde
Pertoldi, Andrea Billede af Pertoldi, Andrea
Planz, Eric PhD fellow Billede af Planz, Eric
Polzik, Eugene Simon Professor Billede af Polzik, Eugene Simon
Robinson-Tait, Julian Curry PhD fellow Billede af Robinson-Tait, Julian Curry
Saarinen, Sampo Antero Research assistant Billede af Saarinen, Sampo Antero
Sandberg, Oliver August Dall'Alba PhD fellow Billede af Sandberg, Oliver August Dall'Alba
Schliesser, Albert Professor Billede af Schliesser, Albert
Schmieg, Rebecca PhD fellow Billede af Schmieg, Rebecca
Schrinski, Björn Billede af Schrinski, Björn
Schäffer, Stefan Alaric Postdoc Billede af Schäffer, Stefan Alaric
Seis, Yannick PhD student Billede af Seis, Yannick
Simonsen, Anders Postdoc Billede af Simonsen, Anders
Stefan, Lucio Postdoc Billede af Stefan, Lucio
Stærkind, Hans PhD fellow Billede af Stærkind, Hans
Sund, Patrik Isene PhD fellow Billede af Sund, Patrik Isene
Sørensen, Anders Søndberg Professor Billede af Sørensen, Anders Søndberg
Tang, Mikkel PhD fellow Billede af Tang, Mikkel
Thomas, Rodrigo Adriano Postdoc Billede af Thomas, Rodrigo Adriano
Tiranov, Alexey Postdoc Billede af Tiranov, Alexey
Tiurev, Konstantin Postdoc Billede af Tiurev, Konstantin
Ugurlu, Asli Dilara PhD fellow Billede af Ugurlu, Asli Dilara
Uldall, Frederik Senior adviser Billede af Uldall, Frederik
Uppu, Ravitej Assistant professor Billede af Uppu, Ravitej
Wang, Ying Research assistant Billede af Wang, Ying
Yde, Ryan Research assistant Billede af Yde, Ryan
Zeuthen, Emil Assistant professor Billede af Zeuthen, Emil
Zhang, Yuxiang Postdoc Billede af Zhang, Yuxiang
Zheng, Wenqiang Billede af Zheng, Wenqiang
Zhou, Xiaoyan Assistant professor Billede af Zhou, Xiaoyan
Zugenmaier, Michael Viktor Alban Postdoc Billede af Zugenmaier, Michael Viktor Alban
da Lio, Beatrice Postdoc Billede af da Lio, Beatrice
le Jeannic, Hanna Postdoc Billede af le Jeannic, Hanna
Østfeldt, Christoffer Research assistant Billede af Østfeldt, Christoffer