Modern approaches to scattering amplitudes

Recent years have seen tremendous advances in both our understanding of quantum field theory and in our ability to make predictions for experiment. The predicted probabilities for all the possible outcomes of any experiment are encoded by functions called scattering amplitudes. 






















































































































































































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Bjerrum-Bohr, Emil Associate professor Billede af Bjerrum-Bohr, Emil
Bourjaily, Jacob Lewis Associate professor Billede af Bourjaily, Jacob Lewis
Cristofoli, Andrea PhD fellow Billede af Cristofoli, Andrea
Damgaard, Poul Henrik Professor Billede af Damgaard, Poul Henrik
Haddad, Kays PhD fellow Billede af Haddad, Kays
Helset, Andreas PhD fellow Billede af Helset, Andreas
Levi, Michèle Assistant professor Billede af Levi, Michèle
McLeod, Andrew Jordan Postdoc Billede af McLeod, Andrew Jordan
Vasudevan, Anagha PhD fellow Billede af Vasudevan, Anagha
Vergu, Cristian Assistant professor Billede af Vergu, Cristian
Volk, Matthias PhD fellow Billede af Volk, Matthias
Wilhelm, Matthias Assistant professor Billede af Wilhelm, Matthias
von Hippel, Matthew Hans Benjamin Postdoc Billede af von Hippel, Matthew Hans Benjamin

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