Deep Space project

Determination of B-mode of polarisation from Greenland
The Deep Space project is based on scientific collaboration between the Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen University and University California (Santa Barbara), USA under supervision of Prof. P. Naselsky and Prof. P. Lubin.












































































































































Baiguera, StefanoPostdoc  E-mail
Christensen, Per RexAssociate professor emeritus +45 353-25213E-mail
Creswell, James PatrickPhD fellow +45 353-34581E-mail
Doostmohammadi, AminAssistant professor +45 353-31427E-mail
Genolini, YoannPostdoc  E-mail
Han, Shanzhong  E-mail
Jackson, Andrew D.Professor emeritus +45 353-25232E-mail
Kristensson, Alexander TångbergPhD fellow +45 353-30796E-mail
Lei, Yang  E-mail
Linardopoulos, George  E-mail
Lundkvist, Rasmus SlothPostdoc +45 353-20784E-mail
Nasselski, PavelProfessor +45 24 94 25 99E-mail
Pitik, TetyanaPhD fellow  E-mail
Ribers, David DamPhD fellow +45 353-37557E-mail
Talbert Jr, Ronald JamesPostdoc +45 353-35698E-mail
Vergu, CristianAssistant professor +45 353-34456E-mail
Wilhelm, MatthiasAssistant professor +45 93 87 38 06E-mail

External staff & students

Navn Titel Telefon E-mail
Philip Lubin Professor, UCSB 805.893.8432
A. Zonka Post doc, UCSB
Hao Liu Assis. prof
Peter Meinhold Researcher, UCSB
S. von Hausseger PhD student
J. Kaasak Ms student
K. Dachlythra Ms student
Aske Ravnebjerg Ms student