The Neutrino Astrophysics (AstroNu) group at the Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen aims at unveiling the nature of fascinating weakly interacting elementary particles, such as the neutrino, and at using them as probes of the engine behind the most energetic transients in our Universe.












































































































Bustamante, MauricioPostdoc +45 353-34778E-mail
Padilla Gay, IanPhD fellow +45 353-33308E-mail
Pitik, TetyanaPhD fellow  E-mail
Shalgar, Shashank MotilalPostdoc +45 353-28005E-mail
Suliga, Anna MalgorzataPhD fellow +45 353-37667E-mail
Tamborra, IreneAssociate professor +45 353-33227E-mail
Walk, LauriePhD fellow  E-mail

External staff & students

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Charlotte Amalie Rosenstrøm MSc student +45 vkc652*
Kilian Hersent Exchange Student +45 kilian.hersent*
Karen Macías Cárdenas Exchange Student +45 macias.karen*