Atmospheric Complexity

The Atmospheric Complexity group uses methods from theoretical physics to describe and model atmospheric processes.

The aim is to capture emergent aspects, e.g. self-organization, that originate from small scales but can impact on larger scales. We use high-resolution simulations and observational data and make simplified, conceptual, models of key aspects of atmospheric complexity. Atmospheric Complexity is funded by a Villum Young Investigator Grant and a European Research Council (ERC) Consolidator Grant.




















































Name Title Image
Halvorsen, Gustav Salicath PhD fellow Billede af Halvorsen, Gustav Salicath
Härter, Jan Olaf Mirko Associate professor Billede af Härter, Jan Olaf Mirko
Jensen, Gorm Gruner Postdoc Billede af Jensen, Gorm Gruner
Meyer, Bettina Postdoc Billede af Meyer, Bettina
Nissen, Silas Boye Research assistant Billede af Nissen, Silas Boye

Eksterne forskere

Mikkel Svendsen
M.Sc. Student
Irene Kruse M.Sc. Student
Johan Fridrik Kjølbro M.Sc. Student