Center for Models of Life

In the Center for Models of Life, CMOL, we use methods from physics to develop understanding of living systems. We model regulation of living systems aiming to understand the strategies of gene regulation and dynamics of self organization, with a focus on simple conceptual and quantitative models. Our research tackles diversity of biological systems from biological development to emergence of complex communities.


























































































































































































































































Name Title Phone E-mail
Eilersen, Andreas Thomas PhD fellow   E-mail
Halvorsen, Gustav Salicath PhD fellow   E-mail
Härter, Jan Olaf Mirko Associate professor +45 93 56 57 36 E-mail
Jensen, Mogens Høgh Professor +45 353-25371 E-mail
Mathiesen, Joachim Associate professor +45 353-25214 E-mail
Mitarai, Namiko Associate professor +45 353-25402 E-mail
Nielsen, Bjarke Frost PhD fellow   E-mail
Sneppen, Kim Professor +45 353-25352 E-mail
Svenningsen, Mikkel Skjoldan Postdoc +45 42 67 43 34 E-mail
Trusina, Ala Associate professor +45 21 28 86 47 E-mail