Major publications

  1. Rossi, D. Mason, J. Chen, Y. Tsaturyan, A. Schliesser:
    Measurement-based quantum control of mechanical motion.
    Nature 563, 53 (2018)arXiv:1805.05087News and ViewsPress releaseScience Breaker story
  2. Midolo, A. Schliesser, A. Fiore:
    Nano-Opto-Electro-Mechanical Systems.
    Nature Nanotechnology 13, 11 (2018)arXiv:1802.05497
  3. Tsaturyan, A. Barg, E. S. Polzik, A. Schliesser:
    Ultracoherent nanomechanical resonators via soft clamping and dissipation dilution.
    Nature Nanotechnology 12, 776 (2017)arXiv:1608.00937Press release
  4. H. P. Nielsen, Y. Tsaturyan, C. B. Moller, E. S. Polzik, A. Schliesser:
    Multimode optomechanical system in the quantum regime.
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA (2017), arXiv:1605.06541Press release
  5. Bagci, A.Simonsen, S. Schmid, G. Villanueva, E.Zeuthen, J.Appel, J.Taylor, A. Sørensen, K.Usami, A. Schliesser, E. S. Polzik:
    Optical detection of radio waves through a nanomechanical transducer.
    Nature 507, 81 (2014)
  6. Verhagen, S. Deleglise, S. Weis, A. Schliesser, T. J. Kippenberg:
    Quantum-coherent coupling of a mechanical oscillator to an optical cavity mode.
    Nature 482, 63 (2012)

Schliesser, N. Picque, T. W. Hänsch:
Mid-infrared frequency combs.
Nature Photonics 6, 440 (2012)

  1. Weis, R. Riviere, S. Deleglise, E. Gavartin, O. Arcizet, A. Schliesser, T. J. Kippenberg:
    Optomechanically induced transparency.
    Science 330, 1520 (2010)
  2. Schliesser, R. Riviere, G. Anetsberger, O. Arcizet, T. J. Kippenberg:
    Resolved-sideband cooling of a micromechanical oscillator.
    Nature Physics 4, 415 (2008)
  3. Del'Haye, A. Schliesser, O. Arcizet, T. Wilken, R. Holzwarth, T. J. Kippenberg.
    Optical frequency comb generation from a monolithic microresonator.
    Nature 450, 1214 (2007)
  4. Schliesser, P. Del'Haye, N. Nooshi, K. J. Vahala, T. J. Kippenberg:
    Radiation pressure cooling of a micromechanical oscillator using dynamical backaction.
    Physical Review Letters 97, 243905 (2006)
  5. Schliesser, M. Brehm, F. Keilmann, D. W. van der Weide:
    Frequency-comb infrared spectrometer for rapid, remote chemical sensing.
    Optics Express 13, 1929 (2005)

Book chapters

  1. Schliesser, T. J. Kippenberg:
    Cavity optomechanics with whispering-gallery-mode microresonators.
    In M. Aspelmeyer, T. Kippenberg, F. Marquardt: Cavity Optomechanics. Springer (2014)
  2. Schliesser, T. J. Kippenberg:
    Cavity optomechanics with silica microresonators.
    In E. Arimondo, P. Berman, C. C. Lin: Advances in atomic, molecular and optical physics 58. Elsevier Academic Press (2010)
  3. Arcizet, A. Schliesser, P. Del’Haye, R. Holzwarth, T. J. Kippenberg:
    Optical frequency comb generation in monolithic microresonators.
    In A. Matsko: Practical applications of microresonators in optics and photonics. CRC press (2009)

Edited volumes

  1. G. E. Harris, P. Rabl, A. Schliesser:
    Quantum and Hybrid Mechanical Systems: From Fundamentals to Applications.
    Annalen der Physik vol. 527 (2015)

Major patents

  1. Bagci, A. Simonsen, S. Schmid, L. Villanueva, E. Zeuthen, J. Appel, J. Taylor, A. S�rensen, K. Usami,
    A. Schliesser, and E. S. Polzik:
    Optical detector and amplifier for rf detection having a position dependent capacitor with a displaceable membrane.
    US patent 9,660,721
  2. Kippenberg, P. Del'Haye, A. Schliesser:
    Method and apparatus for optical frequency comb generation using a monolithic microresonator.
    US Patent 7,982,944
  3. Gohle, A. Schliesser, T. W. Hänsch:
    Method and device for cavity-enhanced optical Vernier spectroscopy.
    US Patent 8,120,773

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