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An employee list with name, position, phone number and e-mail. Employee Schedules can be divided into subdivisions or by staff categories and subcategories (VIP, TAP, etc..).

The names are linking to the individual employees profile with contact information (address, phone, office hours, etc..), Description of the work function (eg research, teaching, etc.) and possibly an image. In addition, there may be information as CV, list of publications, honorary, etc.

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NameTitleJob responsibilitiesPhoneE-mail
Abouzeid, Ossama Sherif AlexanderPostdoc   E-mail
Ahlers, Markus TobiasAssistant professor  +45 353-28089E-mail
Ahmad, Kader RahmanLibrary assistant  +45 353-35912E-mail
Albrecht, BorisPostdoc  +45 353-34686E-mail
Algren, MalteStudent Student Assistant +45 353-28269E-mail
Als-Nielsen, JensProfessor emeritus  +45 287-50425E-mail
Ambjørn, JanProfessor  +45 353-25298E-mail
Andersen, Amanda ØsterStudent  +45 353-26425E-mail
Andersen, Anja C.Professor  +45 353-25892E-mail
Andersen, Bente JuhlSenior adviser  +45 353-35840E-mail
Andersen, Brian MøllerAssociate professor  +45 353-20419E-mail
Andersen, Isabella JulInstructor   
Andersen, Jeppe JønchElectronics engineer  +45 21 32 88 06E-mail
Andersen, JohannesAssociate professor emeritus  +45 353-25934E-mail
Andersen, MarianneResearch secretary  +45 353-20294E-mail
Andersen, MarianneResearch secretary  +45 353-20294E-mail
Andersen, Martin SkouSoftware developer  +45 353-37605E-mail
Andersen, Michael IngemannTechnology Manager  +45 353-25992E-mail
Andersen, Nils OvergaardProfessor emeritus  +45 60 39 04 77E-mail
Andersen, Sara Elisabeth DahlAttendant  +45 353-37110E-mail
Andersen, Susanne MunkAcademic employee   E-mail
Andresen, Bjarne BøgeskovAssociate professor  +45 353-20470E-mail
Ansaloni, FabioPhD fellow   E-mail
Appel, JürgenAssociate professor  +45 353-25300E-mail
Appel, Martin HayhurstPhD fellow   E-mail
Araya Secchi, Raul RenePostdoc Postdoc +45 353-31802E-mail
Arleth, LiseProfessor  +45 353-34795E-mail
Armas, Jácome Saldanha N d O B   E-mail
Artur de la Villarmois, ElizabethPhD fellow   E-mail
Avery, James EmilAssistant professor  +45 353-36923E-mail
Bajic, MilenaPhD fellow  +45 353-34696E-mail
Baklanov, AlexanderAffiliate Professor  +45 53 82 63 57E-mail
Balabas, Mikhail Vladlenovich   
Bang-Christensen, TinaSection secratary  +45 353-36248E-mail
Bardino, JonasSoftware developer  +45 24 43 26 72E-mail
Barg, AndreasPhD fellow  +45 353-31151E-mail
Batista, Maria JoãoPersonal assistant (PA)  +45 93 56 52 51E-mail
Bearden, IanProfessor with special responsibilities  +45 353-37626E-mail
Bech, Nina SanderSecretary  +45 353-25392E-mail
Behrens, Ann Sofie  +45 353-33253E-mail
Beil, JohannesPhD student  +45 81 90 28 13E-mail
Belhage, Erik MagnusStudent adviser   
Bendix, Pól MartinAssociate professor Associate Professor +45 353-25251E-mail
Benincasa, PaoloAssistant professor Assistant professor +45 353-30576E-mail
Benitez Llambay, PabloPostdoc   E-mail
Bentsen, MarianneGroup secretary  +45 353-25996E-mail
Berg, Ann Elisabeth GløyMasseur   
Bernt, Michael HeidePrecision mechanic  +45 353-20953E-mail
Bertelsen, HenrikEngineer  +45 353-25290E-mail
Bertelsen, MadsPostdoc  +45 353-32916E-mail
Bianchi, Marco StefanoPostdoc  +45 353-26045E-mail
Bierlich, Christian   E-mail
Bisgaard, StefanAttendant  +45 353-36385E-mail
Bjergfelt, MartinPhD fellow  +45 23 81 08 93E-mail
Bjerrum-Bohr, EmilAssociate professor  +45 20 56 53 28E-mail
Björnsson, KristoferPostdoc postdoc +45 353-31903E-mail
Bjørlig, Anders ValdemarResearch assistant   E-mail
Blum, TroelsPostdoc  +45 51 82 01 08E-mail
Blunier, ThomasProfessor Gas lab +45 353-20584E-mail
Bodova, ErikaReceptionist  +45 353-25310E-mail
Boiarska, IrynaPhD fellow  +45 353-26491E-mail
Boisen, AxelElectronics technician  +45 353-25279E-mail
Boje, TrineProcurement coordinator  +45 93 56 57 24E-mail
Bolet, Asger Johannes SkjødePhD fellow  +45 26 36 24 26E-mail
Bolet, Asger Johannes SkjødePhD student  +45 26 36 24 26E-mail
Bolinsson, JessicaAssistant professor   E-mail
Bonaventura, Nina RosaPostdoc  +45 353-37368E-mail
Borger, Anine LauraPhD fellow   E-mail
Botta, FilippoResearch assistant  +45 50 11 67 87E-mail
Botta, FilippoPhD student  +45 50 11 67 87E-mail
Bouchikas, Jannis NikolasIT systems manager  +45 287-50452E-mail
Bourbeau, EtiennePhD fellow   E-mail
Bourjaily, Jacob LewisAssistant professor   E-mail
Bourjaily, Jacob LewisAssistant professor   E-mail
Bourjau, Christian AlexanderPhD student   E-mail
Bourjau, Christian AlexanderResearch assistant   E-mail
Breuer, ArtuPhD student   E-mail
Brinch, ChristianAssistant professor  +45 353-34626E-mail
Brivio, IlariaPostdoc   
Broglia, Ricardo AmericoVisitor   
Brok, ErikAcademic Officer  +45 353-37590E-mail
Broome, Matthew AlanAssistant professor  +45 353-35459E-mail
Brown, StanleyPostdoc   E-mail
Brown, StanleyAssociate professor emeritus   E-mail
Bruun, Sofie HelenePhD student  +45 353-36477E-mail
Brødsgaard, AneStudent assistant   E-mail
Buchhave, Lars A.Associate professor  +45 353-33291E-mail
Burrello, MicheleAssistant professor  +45 91 64 35 44E-mail
Bustamante, MauricioPostdoc  +45 353-34778E-mail
Bøggild, HansAssociate professor emeritus  +45 353-25286E-mail
Børsting, SørenSkilled worker, FU Skilled worker +45 353-32839E-mail
Børsting, SørenResearch technician Skilled worker +45 353-32839E-mail
Calcutt, HannahPostdoc   E-mail
Camplani, AlessandraPostdoc   E-mail
Capron, EmiliePostdoc  +45 353-33192E-mail
Cardona, CarlosPostdoc  +45 353-30747E-mail
Carolan, Jacques JohannesPostdoc   
Carrad, Damon JamesPostdoc  +45 353-25374E-mail
Casparis, LucasResearcher  +45 27 58 84 20E-mail
Castro Soto Reyes, Carlos FranciscoPhD student  +45 61 46 49 51E-mail
Cañameras, RaoulPostdoc  +45 353-28067E-mail
Chatterjee, AnasuaPostdoc Postdoc  
Chatterjee, AnasuaVisiting Researcher Visiting researcher +45 353-35370E-mail
Chen, JunxinPhD fellow  +45 353-30641E-mail
Chrillesen, Ellen EmmeLaboratory technician Group secretary +45 353-20551E-mail
Christensen, Anne HeleneAdministrative coordinator  +45 353-34914E-mail
Christensen, Bjarke BachAttendant   E-mail
Christensen, Christian HolmAssociate professor  +45 24 61 85 91E-mail
Christensen, Jens HesselbjergProfessor  +45 353-35658E-mail
Christensen, Jens OleStudent   
Christensen, Lise BechAssociate professor  +45 353-20604E-mail
Christensen, Per RexAssociate professor emeritus  +45 353-25213E-mail
Christensen, PiaIndustrytechnician apprentice   E-mail
Chu, Xiao-LiuPostdoc   E-mail
Ciobanu, Viorela GabrielaPostdoc Gaslaboratorium +45 353-20627E-mail
Clasen, Jacob Wang  +34619274750E-mail
Coimbatore Balram, AjitPostdoc  +45 353-30279E-mail
Connolly, MalcolmPostdoc   
Connolly, Malcolm RichardPostdoc  +45 353-33284E-mail
Cook, ElizaPostdoc  +45 353-34426E-mail
Cooper-Sarkar, Amanda Margaret   E-mail
Cortzen, Isabella Chi GieselerPhD fellow  +45 353-33596E-mail
Coumbe, Daniel NathanPostdoc  +45 353-32714E-mail
Crestianov, DianaStudent  +45 50 18 54 78E-mail
Cuffey, Kurt   E-mail
Da Silva Lima, Rodrigo Jose  +45 52 71 83 56E-mail
Dahl-Jensen, DortheProfessor Centre leader, ice flow modelling +45 353-20556E-mail
Dahl-Jensen, TrineAffiliate associate professor  +45 20 47 59 62
Dai, LixinAssistant professor Assistant professor +45 353-32933E-mail
Dalum, SaksePhD fellow  +45 30 82 25 67E-mail
Dam, MogensAssociate professor  +45 353-25385E-mail
Damgaard, Poul HenrikProfessor  +45 353-25376E-mail
Damm, Jo VerwohltStudent  +45 353-34142E-mail
Damm, Jo VerwohltStudent adviser   
Das, Sumanta KumarAssistant professor   E-mail
de Almeida Dias, FlaviaPostdoc  +45 353-34043E-mail
de Jesus Raimundo, Sandra IsabelPostdoc  +45 353-31659E-mail
Dellantonio, LucaPhD fellow  +45 353-31153E-mail
Deng, MingtangAssistant professor  +45 50 33 60 54E-mail
Deng, MingtangPostdoc  +45 50 33 60 54E-mail
Denton, Peter BennertPostdoc  +45 353-35634E-mail
di Vecchia, PaoloProfessor emeritus  +45 353-25390E-mail
Dib, Sami MarcelPostdoc  +45 353-20626E-mail
Dideriksen, Karsten BjerrumPhD student  +45 353-32710E-mail
Dideriksen, Karsten BjerrumPhD student  +45 353-32710E-mail
Ding, DapengPostdoc  +45 353-34284E-mail
Ditlevsen, PeterAssociate professor Climate modelling +45 353-20603E-mail
Drachmann, Asbjørn Cennet CliffPhD fellow   E-mail
Dreessen, Chris LennartVisitor   E-mail
Dreier, Erik SchouPhD fellow   E-mail
Dreyer, Lasse SanderPhD fellow   E-mail
Durakovic, AmelPhD student   E-mail
Døssing, ThomasAssociate professor emeritus  +45 353-25257E-mail
Edmund, Jens Morgenthaler   E-mail
Edslev, Mikkel KnudsenAssistant engineer  +45 24 80 52 17E-mail
Eilersen, Andreas Thomas   
Elfving, Vincent EmanuelPhD fellow  +45 353-33426E-mail
Ellegaard, Clive SigurdAssociate professor emeritus  +45 20 57 63 05E-mail
Engel, Mathias LøvgreenPhD student  +45 29 68 21 17E-mail
Engelhardt, John RichardRetired senior staff   E-mail
Erenbjerg, Sissal VagsheygPhD student   E-mail
Eriksen, Rasmus SkyttePhD fellow   E-mail
Estrada Saldana, Juan CarlosPostdoc Postdoc +45 353-36046E-mail
Fagerlund, Jan HøxbroResearch technician  +45 353-37719E-mail
Farhangibarooji, YounesPostdoc Post doc +45 353-30067E-mail
Fedele, FedericoPhD fellow   E-mail
Feidenhans'l, Robert KrarupHead of department, professor  +45 287-50397E-mail
Fernandes, Catarina SilvaPhD student   E-mail
Fernandes, IrisPhD fellow  +45 353-31543E-mail
Flensberg, KarstenProfessor  +45 353-20418E-mail
Florentsen, Christoffer DamPhD fellow  +45 22 94 10 45E-mail
Fonseca Patrício, Vera AlexandraPostdoc Post doc +45 353-26050E-mail
Fornieri, AntonioPostdoc  +45 353-34889E-mail
Fragkos, AnastasiosAssistant professor  +45 353-37964E-mail
Frøystad, RebekkaStudent adviser   
Fugger, Sif KristineStudent adviser   
Fujii, YuriVisiting Researcher  +45 52 73 26 31E-mail
Fynbo, Johan Peter UldallProfessor with special responsibilities  +45 353-25983E-mail
Gaardhøje, Jens JørgenProfessor  +45 353-25309E-mail
Gaidamauskas, ErikasPhD student   E-mail
Gajdosova, KatarinaPhD fellow  +45 353-31654E-mail
Galinskiy, IvanPhD fellow   E-mail
Gall, ChristaAssociate professor  +45 353-26076E-mail
Galsgaard, KlausAssociate professor  +45 353-25894E-mail
Galster, Gorm Aske Gram KrohnPhD fellow  +41764877269E-mail
Garzilli, AntonellaPostdoc   E-mail
Gasic, Adam Peter DanielPhD student   E-mail
Gawatz, RaffaelPhD fellow   E-mail
Ginnerup, NanaStudent adviser   
Gkinis, VasileiosPostdoc  +45 60 63 52 97E-mail
Gormsen, HelleTeacher's assistant   
Granat, Søren JønssonGroup secretary  +45 353-20605E-mail
Granat, Søren JønssonCommunications Officer  +45 353-20605E-mail
Gressel, OliverAssistant professor  +45 353-25228E-mail
Grigoryan, Ruben  +45 53 37 01 44E-mail
Grillo, Claudio  +45 353-22592E-mail
Grinsted, AslakAssociate professor Ice flow modellinmg  E-mail
Grosvenor, Kevin John TorresPostdoc  +45 353-32636E-mail
Grove-Rasmussen, KasperAssociate professor  +45 21 32 86 15E-mail
Gulbrandsen, Kristjan HerlacheAssociate professor  +45 353-25351E-mail
Gulbrandsen, Mats Lundh  +45 27 62 00 57E-mail
Gómez Guijarro, CarlosPhD fellow   E-mail
Hagemann, Gudrun BertramAssociate professor emeritus  +45 353-25444E-mail
Hansen, Aksel WalløeAssociate professor emeritus  +45 353-20567E-mail
Hansen, Esben BorkResearch assistant   E-mail
Hansen, Esben BorkPhD fellow   E-mail
Hansen, Ida SkovhusTeacher's assistant   
Hansen, Jimmy CaliResearch technician  +45 353-25437E-mail
Hansen, Julie MeierAdministrative staff  +45 353-34396E-mail
Hansen, Jørgen BeckAssociate professor  +45 353-25443E-mail
Hansen, Jørn DinesProfessor emeritus  +45 353-25293E-mail
Hansen, Peter HenrikProfessor  +45 353-25394E-mail
Hansen, Steen HarleAssociate professor  +45 353-25988E-mail
Hansen, Steen LaugesenAssociate professor  +45 29 72 70 68E-mail
Hansen, Steffen BoAssistant engineer Ice drilling +45 353-20614E-mail
Hansen, Thomas MejerAssociate professor  +45 353-37632E-mail
Hansen, Ursula BengårdPostdoc  +33767572232E-mail
Harmark, TroelsAssociate professor, head of section  +45 23 29 89 04E-mail
Hasselgren, Stefan DahlStudent assistant  +45 353-33953E-mail
Haubro, Morten LunnTeacher's assistant   
Haugbølle, TroelsAssociate professor  +45 353-21141E-mail
He, YuePhD student   E-mail
Hedegaard, Thomas MatthiasResearch technician  +45 40 47 72 23E-mail
Hedegård, PerProfessor  +45 353-20435E-mail
Heidari, Akbar   E-mail
Heimburg, Thomas RainerProfessor Associate professor +45 353-25389E-mail
Heinemann, Tobias PeterAssociate professor  +45 353-34232E-mail
Hell, Michael   E-mail
Helset, AndreasPhD fellow  +45 26 28 05 07E-mail
Heltberg, Mathias LuidorPhD fellow  +45 353-35355E-mail
Henneberg, Olga CassandraPostdoc Postdoc +45 353-35207E-mail
Henningsen, JesAssociate professor emeritus   E-mail
Henriksen, Martin RommePhD fellow  +45 353-31476E-mail
Henriksen, Sannie KristineProject finance administrator  +45 353-37616E-mail
Herskind, BentAssociate professor emeritus  +45 353-25444E-mail
Hersoug, Niels-Kristian  +45 353-33363E-mail
Hertel, AlbertPhD fellow   E-mail
Hertz, JohnProfessor emeritus  +45 353-25235E-mail
Herzog, FranzAssistant professor   
Hesselberg, MarinaEngineer  +45 93 56 52 51E-mail
Hidalgo Tecay, Diego Roberto   E-mail
Higginbotham, Andrew PatrickResearcher   E-mail
Hillerup, Jens ChristianResearch assistant  +45 353-36078E-mail
Hintz, Kasper StenerPhD Fellow, guest   E-mail
Hjort-Jensen, Ditte MarieClerical officer   
Hjorth, JensProfessor  +45 353-25928E-mail
Hjøllum, Jari Hovgaard í   
Hjøllum, Jari Hovgaard íPart-time lecturer   E-mail
Holm, Viktor LindahlResearch assistant  +45 353-36925E-mail
Holme, Christian TerkelsenPhD fellow   E-mail
Hougaard, PerGuest lecturer   
Hougaard, Per   
Huang, XiaoyuanPostdoc  +45 353-33255E-mail
Hummel, ThomasPhD fellow   E-mail
Hvid, Kasper GravesPhD student PhD student +45 353-32552E-mail
Hvidberg, Christine SchøttAssociate professor  +45 353-20563E-mail
Hviid, CharlotteAdministrative coordinator  +45 353-25254E-mail
hwg706, hwg706PhD student  +45 22 80 42 79E-mail
Härter, Jan Olaf MirkoAssociate professor  +45 93 56 57 36E-mail
Høg, ErikAssociate professor emeritus   E-mail
Iakubovskyi, DmytroPostdoc  +45 353-36429E-mail
Isaksen, SørenManagement associate   E-mail
Isaksen, SørenVisitor   E-mail
Jackson, Andrew D.Professor emeritus  +45 353-25232E-mail
Jacobsen, Elvira Caroline JarmbækStudent adviser  +45 353-32168E-mail
Jacobsen, Steffen KjærPhD student   E-mail
Jacobsen, Steffen KjærResearch assistant   E-mail
Jacobsen, Vivian SlotProject finance administrator  +45 353-25245E-mail
Jakobsen, PeterAffiliate Professor   E-mail
Jakobsen, Simone Frederikke JuulPhD student  +45 24 66 77 28E-mail
Jakubauskas, DainiusPhD student  +45 353-20189E-mail
Jambunathan, KarthikEngineer   E-mail
Janas, SofiePhD fellow   E-mail
Jauffred, LiselottePostdoc Post Doc +45 25 72 15 32E-mail
Javadi, AlisaPostdoc  +45 353-25276E-mail
Jensen, Bent NeumannResearch technician  +45 353-20454E-mail
Jensen, DennisAcademic Officer  +45 353-31449E-mail
Jensen, Inger MargretheLaboratory technician  +45 353-20466E-mail
Jensen, Jan Højborg   E-mail
Jensen, JensAssociate professor emeritus  +45 23 98 40 07E-mail
Jensen, Jens JuelPhD student  +45 353-35967E-mail
Jensen, Kai MikaelAffiliate Professor   
Jensen, KasperAssistant professor  +45 353-34209E-mail
Jensen, Klaus Birkelund AbildgaardPhD student   E-mail
Jensen, Marianne LundLaboratory technician  +45 40 49 90 37E-mail
Jensen, Michael LundemannPhD student   E-mail
Jensen, Mogens HøghProfessor Professor +45 353-25371E-mail
Jensen, Morten LiboriusResearch technician  +45 29 61 84 65E-mail
Jensen, Peter FobianAcademic administrative officer  +45 353-35842E-mail
Jensen, Sigurd SigersenPhD fellow   E-mail
Jensen, Troels Peter FlugtStudent adviser   
Jeppesen, Peter KrogstrupAssistant professor  +45 26 71 51 91E-mail
Jespersen, Thomas SandAssociate professor  +45 28 57 01 64E-mail
Jiang, YunPostdoc  +45 353-32970E-mail
Jochum, MarkusProfessor   
Joensen, Ola JakupWeb editor  +45 353-25340E-mail
Johansen, Nicolai TidemandPhD fellow  +45 353-37967E-mail
Johansen, UllaProject finance administrator  +45 353-35843E-mail
Johnsen, Carl-Johannes Vincent PResearch assistant  +45 353-31501E-mail
Johnson, ErikAssociate professor emeritus  +45 43 99 72 18E-mail
Josipovic, MirjanaPhD student  +45 25 66 82 01E-mail
Justesen, Jan ThomasBSc Engineering  +45 353-26324E-mail
Juul, Jonas SøgaardPhD fellow   E-mail
Jørgensen, Asbjørn ArvadPhD fellow   E-mail
Jørgensen, Ellen Sofie SøndergaardTeacher's assistant   
Jørgensen, Jes KristianAssociate professor  +45 353-24186E-mail
Jørgensen, Maria SteinStudent   
Jørgensen, Sune Lehmann   E-mail
Jørgensen, Uffe GråeAssociate professor  +45 353-25998E-mail
Kaas, EigilProfessor Climate modelling +45 353-20514E-mail
Kandelaki, ErvandPostdoc  +45 353-34991E-mail
Kandelaki, ErvandPostdoc  +45 52 64 95 73E-mail
Kapishnikov, SergeyPostdoc  +45 353-34355E-mail
Kastoryano, Michael JamesPostdoc  +45 353-31481E-mail
Khan, Md Sabbir AhmedPhD fellow   E-mail
Khoshkholgh, SarouyehPhD fellow   E-mail
Kiilerich, HelleSecretary  +45 353-25227E-mail
Kinch, Kjartan MünsterAssociate professor  +45 353-20512E-mail
Kinch, Kjartan MünsterAssociate professor   
Kirk, MarieLogistics coordinator  +45 353-31320E-mail
Kirkensgaard, Jacob Judas KainAssociate professor  +45 23 74 68 63E-mail
Kjær, Helle AstridPostdoc  +45 353-20629E-mail
Klingberg, HenrikPostdoc Postdoc +45 353-37201E-mail
Knude, Jens KirkeskovAssociate professor emeritus   E-mail
Knudsen, SolvejInstructor   
Kohring, Pia LykkeSection secratary  +45 353-25210E-mail
Koldtoft, IbenPhD student  +45 42 47 47 01E-mail
Komargodski, Zohar   
Korhonen, Heidi HelenaAssociate professor  +45 353-33425E-mail
Koskinen, D. JasonAssistant professor  +45 21 28 90 61E-mail
Kosmidis, Eleftherios   
Kotetes, PanagiotisPostdoc  +45 353-32047E-mail
Kotetes, PanagiotisPostdoc  +45 353-32047E-mail
Kovyakh, AntonPhD fellow  +45 353-37828E-mail
Kragh, Helge StjernholmProfessor emeritus   E-mail
Krapp, Leonardo JavierPhD fellow  +45 353-32954E-mail
Kringhøj, AndersPhD fellow   E-mail
Krishna, SandeepGuest lecturer   E-mail
Kristensen, Lars EgstrømAssistant professor  +45 353-33299E-mail
Kristensen, Mads BjerregaardStudent adviser   
Kristensen, Mads Ruben BurgdorffPostdoc  +45 26 94 05 95E-mail
Kristjansen, Charlotte FløeProfessor  +45 353-25381E-mail
Krizek, FilipPhD fellow  +45 353-32343E-mail
Kuemmeth, FerdinandAssociate professor   E-mail
Kulkova, Irina  +45 353-33748E-mail
Lagerfjärd, AndersPhD student  +45 353-20618E-mail
Langen, Peter Lang   
Lara Lopez, Maritza ArleneAssistant professor Assistant professor +45 353-31936E-mail
Lara Lopez, Maritza ArleneAssistant professor  +45 353-31936E-mail
Larsen, Andreas HaahrPhD fellow   E-mail
Larsen, Lars BergLogistics coordinator  +45 353-20520E-mail
Larson, Michael JamesPhD student   E-mail
Lass, JakobPhD fellow   E-mail
Lauridsen, Torsten  +45 21 22 56 90E-mail
Lauridsen, Torsten   E-mail
Lauritsen, LinePhD fellow   E-mail
Laursen, PeterPostdoc  +45 353-20519E-mail
Lautrup, Benny ElleyProfessor emeritus  +45 39203235 54431383E-mail
Lawther, Daniel PeterResearch assistant  +45 26 35 86 44E-mail
Lawther, Daniel PeterPhD student  +45 26 35 86 44E-mail
le Jeannic, HannaPostdoc  +45 353-34324E-mail
Lefmann, KimAssociate professor  +45 29 25 04 76E-mail
Leijnse, Martin Christian   E-mail
Leijnse, Martin Christian   
Leijnse, NataschaPostdoc PostDoc +45 93 95 77 03E-mail
Leijnse, NataschaPostdoc post doc. +45 353-35052E-mail
Leloudas, GeorgiosAssistant professor  +45 353-20337E-mail
Lerche, HenrietteOccupational health and safety and purchase coordinator  +45 51 29 83 37E-mail
Levinsen, MogensAssociate professor emeritus Emeritus +45 353-25295E-mail
Li, TommyPostdoc  +45 353-31974E-mail
Liisberg, Jesper BaldtzerPhD fellow  +45 353-37658E-mail
Lindahl, ArneBSc Engineering  +45 353-25016E-mail
Lindberg, Ulla DahlHR staff  +45 353-35844E-mail
Lindelof, Poul ErikProfessor emeritus  +45 38 28 32 63E-mail
Linga, GautePhD fellow  +45 353-34694E-mail
Liu, HaoAssistant professor   
Liu, YuPostdoc  +45 353-35502E-mail
Liu, Zhe   
Liu, ZheEngineer Poroces engineer +45 52 82 55 55E-mail
Lodahl, PeterProfessor  +45 353-25306E-mail
Lohmann, Johannes JakobPhD fellow   E-mail
Lolk, Sidse LærkeStudent assistant  +45 353-28118E-mail
Loric, SaraLaboratory assistant   
Luchini, AlessandraPostdoc Postdoc +45 353-36948E-mail
Lund, Kasper EjdalPhD fellow  +45 24 20 38 73E-mail
Lund, MetteIT staff  +45 353-25346E-mail
Lövkvist, Cecilia Elisabet PhD student  E-mail
Løkkegaard, Michelle CummingCentre coordinator  +45 353-25933E-mail
Lütge, Rikke HelenaElectronics technician   E-mail
Madsen, Jonas SkovlundPhD student   E-mail
Madsen, Morten BoAssociate professor  +45 353-20515E-mail
Madsen, Rasmus BødkerPhD student  +45 353-37223E-mail
Maffezzoli, NiccoloPostdoc  +45 23 86 26 37E-mail
Maffezzoli, NiccoloPhD student  +45 23 86 26 37E-mail
Magdis, GeorgiosAssistant professor  +45 353-35304E-mail
Magnusdottir, Jorunn MariaCoordinator  +45 93 56 56 03E-mail
Malesani, DanieleAssistant professor Assistant professor +45 353-34952E-mail
Manigand, Sebastien Ghislain SimonPhD fellow   E-mail
Marcus, Charles M.Professor  +45 20 34 11 81E-mail
Marin, Elias PortolésVisiting student   E-mail
Markussen, BenteSection secratary  +45 353-35845E-mail
Markussen, Jørgen Knud HarryIndustrial technician apprentice   E-mail
Markussen, Signe BrynoldInstructor   
Martinez, Esteban AdrianPostdoc  +45 353-26542E-mail
Martinez Rodriguez, Irvin FabianResearch assistant   
Martizzi, DavideAssistant professor Assistant professor +45 353-36227E-mail
Mason, DavidPostdoc  +45 353-33550E-mail
Mathiassen, Jonas Bundgaard   
Mathiesen, JoachimAssociate professor Associate professor +45 353-25214E-mail
Mayo, Andrew WaynePhD student  +45 353-35734E-mail
McGady, David AlexanderPostdoc  +45 353-32564E-mail
McLeod, Andrew JordanPostdoc   E-mail
McNeil, RobertPostdoc  +45 353-31117E-mail
Medici, Morten AnkersenPostdoc  +45 61 51 64 54E-mail
Mejlsted, DortheProject finance administrator  +45 353-31512E-mail
Menard, Gerbold Christophe BertrandPostdoc  +45 353-32226E-mail
Menculini, LorenzoPhD student   E-mail
Mengel Pers, Anne BenedictePostdoc Postcoc +45 353-34878E-mail
Michaelsen, NielsAssistant engineer  +45 353-25936E-mail
Michelsen, Christian StentoftPhD student  +45 353-26415E-mail
Michelsen, GitteGroup secretary  +45 353-20438E-mail
Michoustine, Igor   
Midolo, LeonardoAssistant professor  +45 21 17 92 76E-mail
Midtgaard, Søren RoiPostdoc  +45 353-34734E-mail
Mikkelsen, Lotte Rosenkrands   
Misztal, Marek KrzysztofPostdoc Assistant Professor  E-mail
Mitarai, NamikoAssociate professor  +45 353-25402E-mail
Mogensen, Troels FrostholmPhD student  +45 60 72 96 25E-mail
Mohandas, GopakumarPhD fellow   E-mail
Monk, James WilliamPostdoc   
Moreno Pescador, Guillermo SergioPhD fellow  +45 353-32635E-mail
Mortensen, KellProfessor  +45 353-20464E-mail
Mosegaard, KlausProfessor  +45 21 66 45 66E-mail
Mosleh, NikkaTeacher's assistant   
Mrozowska, Marta AgnieszkaStudent adviser   
Munck af Rosenschöld, Per MartinAffiliate associate professor   E-mail
Munk, RasmusResearch assistant Research assistant +45 353-28268E-mail
Munk, RasmusPhD fellow   
Munk-Nielsen, Morten IbPhD fellow   E-mail
Murendranath Patil, ChiragPhD fellow  +45 91 62 29 78E-mail
Møller, Christoffer BoResearch assistant   E-mail
Møller, Christoffer BoPhD student   E-mail
Møller, KaareProject finance administrator  +45 353-35846E-mail
Møller, Svend KrøjerTeacher's assistant   
Møller-Uhl, AnetteResearch group secretary  +45 353-25355E-mail
Müller, Jörg HelgeAssociate professor  +45 353-25304E-mail
Nasselski, PavelProfessor  +45 24 94 25 99E-mail
Nathan, Frederik SønderbyPhD student  +45 29 00 00 00E-mail
Nauman, FarrukhPostdoc  +45 353-31132E-mail
Nauman, FarrukhPostdoc  +45 353-31132E-mail
Naver, Estrid BuhlStudent  +45 353-28234E-mail
Nelson, David R   
Nguyen, Quoc HungAssistant professor  +45 71 58 96 80E-mail
Nichele, FabrizioAssistant professor   E-mail
Nielsen, Alexander ValentinPhD student   E-mail
Nielsen, Alexander ValentinPhD student  +45 21 23 01 31E-mail
Nielsen, Bjarke TodbjergTeacher's assistant   
Nielsen, Børge SvaneTechnical manager  +45 353-25433E-mail
Nielsen, Cecilie LønbækStudent assistant   
Nielsen, DanielPhD fellow   E-mail
Nielsen, Dorthe BjergskovCentre coordinator  +45 93 56 55 17E-mail
Nielsen, Henri ThyrrestrupPostdoc  +45 353-33924E-mail
Nielsen, Holger Frits BechProfessor emeritus  +45 353-25259E-mail
Nielsen, Jens HedegaardSoftware engineer  +45 353-34751E-mail
Nielsen, Karl-EmilEngineer  +45 93 56 57 30E-mail
Nielsen, Søren BorgPhD fellow  +45 24 82 05 32E-mail
Nielsen, Tina BlaabergProcurement officer  +45 93 56 53 28E-mail
Nielsen, William Hvidtfelt PadkærSoftware engineer  +45 353-34403E-mail
Nilsson, Björn StefanRetired senior staff  +45 353-25283E-mail
Nisancioglu, Kerim HestnesVisiting Professor   E-mail
Nisancioglu, Kerim Hestnes  +479809414
Nissen, Silas BoyePhD student  +45 353-30976E-mail
Nissen, Silas BoyePhD student PhD student +45 21 86 20 25E-mail
Nodehi, Sedigheh Ghanbarzadeh   
Nordlund, ÅkeProfessor  +45 353-25968E-mail
Nordqvist, Thomas KannePhD fellow   E-mail
Nordström, BirgittaAssociate professor emeritus  +45 287-55420E-mail
Nousi, AimiliaLaboratory assistant   
Nuding, ChristineSenior executive adviser  +45 353-33134E-mail
Nunes Bordallo, HeloisaAssociate professor  +45 21 30 88 29E-mail
Nuterman, RomanHPC programme developer  +45 353-37743E-mail
Nygård, JesperProfessor with special responsibilities  +45 24 62 61 20E-mail
Nyman, Karl Hans MikaelPhD student  +45 28 84 13 94E-mail
Nørregaard, PrebenMSc Engineering  +45 51 33 07 77E-mail
O'Farrell, Eoin ConorPostdoc  +45 31 23 93 11E-mail
Obers, Niels Anne JacobProfessor  +45 353-25211E-mail
Oddershede, Lene BroengProfessor Professor +45 24 94 25 34E-mail
Oechsle, JanElectronics engineer  +45 21 17 91 78E-mail
Oglesby, MikkelStudent adviser   
Olesen, MartinPhD student  +45 39 15 74 52E-mail
Olesen, PoulProfessor emeritus  +45 353-25377E-mail
Olsen, BrianClerical officer  +45 353-26543E-mail
Olsen, MalteAssociate professor   E-mail
Olsen, NilsAffiliate Professor  +45 45 25 97 08E-mail
Orselli, Marta   E-mail
Otani, KeitaResearcher   E-mail
Otzen, Daniel ErikCollaborator  +45 87 15 54 41E-mail
Ouellet-Plamondon, ClaudéricPostdoc Postdoc +45 353-32098E-mail
Paaske, JensAssociate professor  +45 353-20395E-mail
Pacik, VojtechPhD student   
Patil, SubodhAssistant professor  +45 353-31183E-mail
Payami, NaderChemical process engineer  +45 353-20450E-mail
Pearson, Natalie JulieStudent   E-mail
Pearson, Natalie Julie   
Pedersen, Bo   E-mail
Pedersen, Buster NielsStudent adviser  +45 353-30459E-mail
Pedersen, Freja ThildePhD fellow Ph. D. student +45 353-28267E-mail
Pedersen, HolgerEmeritus  +45 353-32654E-mail
Pedersen, Martin CramerPostdoc  +45 353-34852E-mail
Pedersen, Martin NorsPostdoc  +45 353-33294E-mail
Pedersen, Rasmus AnkerPostdoc  +45 353-31684E-mail
Pedro, Joel BenjaminPostdoc Paleoclimate data - model integration +45 30 45 00 77E-mail
Perotti, GiuliaPhD fellow   E-mail
Pessah, Martin EliasProfessor with special responsibilities  +45 353-25312E-mail
Petersen, Christina YoonSubstitute project finance administrator   E-mail
Petersen, Henriette Aarup   E-mail
Petersen, Troels ChristianAssociate professor  +45 26 28 37 39E-mail
Petersson, Karl DavidAssistant professor  +45 29 22 93 83E-mail
Pethick, C. J.Professor emeritus  +45 353-25226E-mail
Pimentel, Lais Ozelin de LimaPhD student  +45 353-32426E-mail
Pinholt, HenrikInstructor   
Polzik, Eugene SimonProfessor  +45 353-25424E-mail
Popovas, Andrius   E-mail
Popp, Trevor JamesLaboratory coordinator  +45 353-34011E-mail
Poulsen, Mads BruunPhD student  +45 40 81 07 79E-mail
Pregnolato, TommasoPhD student  +45 353-31008E-mail
Preiss, Frank   E-mail
Puglia, DeniseStudent  +45 353-31082E-mail
Quaade, MichaelExternal  +45 24 85 13 78E-mail
Quistgaard, TheaLaboratory assistant   
Quitmann, Christoph   
Raben, RikkeSculptur Sculptor  E-mail
Rameez, MPostdoc   E-mail
Ramirez-Ruiz, Jorge EnricoProfessor   E-mail
Ramirez-Ruiz, Jorge Enrico   E-mail
Ramyar, DanielAttendant  +45 353-36210E-mail
Rasmussen, Finn BergAssociate professor emeritus   E-mail
Rasmussen, Per KjærgaardAssociate professor emeritus  +45 51 49 56 31E-mail
Rasmussen, Sune OlanderAssociate professor   
Rasmussen, Sune OlanderAssociate professor Associate professor  E-mail
Rathcke, Alexander DybdahlTeacher's assistant   
Rathmann, Nicholas MossorPhD fellow   E-mail
Razmadze, DavydasPhD fellow   E-mail
Rechner, Laura AnnVisiting student   E-mail
Rehr, MartinAcademic administrative staff  +45 51 40 00 95E-mail
Reinhardt, ChristophPostdoc   
Rhodin, Nils HenrikPhD fellow   E-mail
Riis, Marie-LouiseInstructor   
Ringgaard, Ida MargrethePhD fellow  +45 353-34871E-mail
Rischel, Christian  +45 353-34452E-mail
Rix, Jens BroePhD fellow  +45 353-34669E-mail
Rix, Kristian RomlundPostdoc   E-mail
Rosiek, Christian AnkerTeacher's assistant   
Rossi, MassimilianoPhD fellow   E-mail
Rotenberg, NirAssistant professor  +45 353-35807E-mail
Ruchayskiy, OlegAssociate professor  +45 353-33380E-mail
Rudner, Mark SpencerAssociate professor   
Runge, GitteClerical officer  +45 353-20403E-mail
Rømer, Astrid TranumPostdoc   E-mail
Rønnow, Henrik Moodysson   E-mail
Saarinen, Sampo AnteroPhD fellow   E-mail
Sabonis, DeividasPhD fellow   E-mail
Samadi, AkbarPostdoc  +45 353-32408E-mail
Sanchez Viveros, Samuel AlejandroPhD student   E-mail
Sanchioni, MarcoPhD student   E-mail
Sandberg, Lise ØrdukStudent assistant   E-mail
Sandberg, Lise ØrdukPhD student   E-mail
Sarkar, SubirProfessor  +45 353-25225E-mail
Scherer, Daniel DavidPostdoc  +45 353-37623E-mail
Schliesser, AlbertProfessor   
Schmiele, MartinPostdoc Postdoc +45 50 20 65 70E-mail
Schnack-Petersen, Anna KristinaStudent adviser   
Schröder, TimAssistant professor  +45 353-33892E-mail
Schrøder, Sophie LundPhD student   E-mail
Schuwalow, SergejPostdoc  +45 353-25330E-mail
Schäffer, Stefan AlaricPhD fellow  +45 50 54 48 24E-mail
Selsing, JonatanPhD student  +45 353-32245E-mail
Shaffer, GaryProfessor emeritus   E-mail
Sheldon, Simon GeoffreyEngineer Ice drilling, NEEM planning +45 353-20553E-mail
Simonsen, AndersPhD student   E-mail
Simonsen, AndersResearch assistant   E-mail
Simonsen, Marius FoldenResearch assistant  +45 50 71 59 06E-mail
Skaarup, Mikkel   E-mail
Sletten, GeirrAssociate professor emeritus  +45 353-25444E-mail
Smith, Gregory NeilPostdoc  +45 353-35823E-mail
Smith, HenrikProfessor emeritus   E-mail
Sneppen, KimProfessor Professor +45 353-25352E-mail
Splittorff, KimDeputy head of department  +45 353-25359E-mail
Splittorff, KimDeputy head of department  +45 353-25359E-mail
Stampfer, LukasPhD fellow Research assistant +45 353-37422E-mail
Stankevic, TomasEngineer  +45 91 11 14 86E-mail
Stark, Simon Holm   E-mail
Steen-Larsen, Hans ChristianPostdoc   E-mail
Steenstrup, StigEmeritus Asoc. Professor Emeritus +45 353-25445E-mail
Steffensen, DanielPhD fellow   E-mail
Steffensen, Jørgen PederProfessor EGRIP planning, ice core stratigraphy +45 353-20557E-mail
Steinhardt, Charles LouisAssistant professor  +45 353-35010E-mail
Stick, Line BjerregaardPhD student   E-mail
Storgaard, Sigurd Anker Laursen   
Strobl, Markus   
Studsgård, AnetteAdministrative coordinator  +45 353-37870E-mail
Stuttard, Thomas SimonPostdoc  +45 353-35461E-mail
Stærkind, Hans ChristianResearch assistant  +45 353-33244E-mail
Svenningsen, Mikkel SkjoldanPhD student   E-mail
Svenningsen, Mikkel SkjoldanPhD student   E-mail
Svensmark, JacobPhD fellow  +45 353-34809E-mail
Svensson, AndersAssociate professor Ice core stratigraphy, chemistry lab. +45 353-20616E-mail
Søgaard, Benjamin TangenTeacher's assistant   
Sørensen, Anders SøndbergProfessor  +45 353-25240E-mail
Sørensen, Anton NorupAcademic staff  +45 40 49 92 95E-mail
Sørensen, Betina DamDepartment secretary  +45 353-25241E-mail
Sørensen, Claus BirgerEngineer  +45 353-20449E-mail
Sørensen, Johannes MønstedInstructor   
Sørensen, MadsDouble degree student  +45 20 00 00 00E-mail
Søttrup, Christian UlrikSoftware developer  +45 30 44 53 38E-mail
Tamborra, IreneAssociate professor  +45 353-33227E-mail
Tanta, RawaPostdoc  +45 353-32188E-mail
Tanta, RawaResearch employee  +45 353-32188E-mail
Tastet, Jean-LoupPhD fellow  +45 353-34412E-mail
Tejsner, Tim BirgerPhD student   E-mail
Telecka, Agniesza MariaPostdoc  +45 353-26017E-mail
Theodor, KeldAssistant engineer  +45 287-50453E-mail
Thiele, Fabian Alexander JürgenPhD fellow  +45 353-34146E-mail
Thomas, Rodrigo AdrianoPhD student   E-mail
Thomsen, Jan WestenkærHead of department  +45 51 68 04 10E-mail
Thomsen, Jan WestenkærHead of Department  +45 51 68 04 10E-mail
Thoresen, FrejaPhD fellow   E-mail
Tidemand, Frederik GrønbækPhD fellow   E-mail
Toft, SuneAssociate professor  +45 353-25908E-mail
Toulouse, CorinneCentre administrator Centre coodinator +45 353-20619E-mail
Tranberg, Anders   
Trott, Michael RobertAssistant professor  +45 30 44 97 91E-mail
Trusina, AlaAssociate professor Associate professor +45 21 28 86 47E-mail
Tsaturyan, YeghishePhD fellow   
Tutueanu, Ana-ElenaPhD student   E-mail
Udby, LindaAssociate professor  +45 23 83 98 77E-mail
Uekermann, Florian PhilippPhD student  +45 50 17 98 51E-mail
Ugurlu, Asli DilaraPhD fellow   E-mail
Ulfbeck, Ole CarstenAssociate professor emeritus  +45 353-25258E-mail
Upadhyay, ShivendraSenior advisor  +45 21 28 90 25E-mail
Uppu, RavitejPostdoc Postdoc +45 353-36259E-mail
Urkedal, Petter AlbrektSenior adviser  +45 353-25361E-mail
Vaitiekénas, SauliusPhD fellow   E-mail
Valentino, Francesco MariaPostdoc  +45 353-33806E-mail
Vallelonga, Paul TravisAssociate professor Continuous flow analysis +45 353-20043E-mail
van der Wiel, Matthijs H DExternal  +45 353-37789E-mail
van Zanten, David Michael TheodoorPostdoc  +45 353-37296E-mail
Vardinghus, Kasper EngelPhD fellow   E-mail
Vasileiadis, AristodimosPhD student   E-mail
Vasudevan, AnaghaPhD fellow  +45 353-31719E-mail
Vaytet, Neil   
Venkatesh, JananiLaboratory assistant   E-mail
Vestergaard, MarianneAssociate professor   E-mail
Vieira Machado, MeeraPhD fellow   E-mail
Vinter, BrianProfessor  +45 353-21421E-mail
Vinther, Bo MøllesøeAssociate professor Associate professor +45 353-20518E-mail
Viuho, Joonas Kari MarkkuLaboratory assistant   
Vladimirova, DianaPhD fellow  +45 353-37509E-mail
Vogel, Dominik JohannesEngineer   E-mail
Voigt, Karen AlaviStudent assistant   E-mail
von Borries, Mads KasperPhD fellow   E-mail
von Hausegger, Sebastian DomenicoPhD fellow  +45 50 20 09 80E-mail
von Hippel, Matthew Hans BenjaminPostdoc  +45 353-28280E-mail
Vudayagiri, SindhuPostdoc  +45 353-34182E-mail
Wahl, SonjaLaboratory assistant   E-mail
Walk, LauriePhD fellow   E-mail
Walløe, GrithCoordinator  +45 353-25212E-mail
Walløe, GrithSenior Executive Consultant  +45 353-25212E-mail
Wang, YingPhD Fellow   
Watson, Darach JafarAssociate professor  +45 353-25994E-mail
Weber, PhilippPhD student   E-mail
West, Ann-Katrine VransøPhD student PhD student +45 25 36 40 66E-mail
West, Ann-Katrine VransøResearch assistant PhD student +45 25 36 40 66E-mail
West, Ann-Katrine VransøPhD student PhD student +45 25 36 40 66E-mail
West, Stine StenfattAcademic secretary, programme administration  +45 353-35847E-mail
Whiticar, Alexander MorrisPhD fellow  +45 353-34835E-mail
Wiglesworth, GraigPostdoc   
Wiis, Jophiel NymanAcademic employee   
Wilhelm, MatthiasPostdoc   E-mail
Wintergerst, NicoPostdoc  +45 353-33285E-mail
Wistisen, Dennis WestphalResearch technician  +45 353-25952E-mail
Wojtak, Radoslaw JanAssistant professor Assistant professor  E-mail
Wouters, JeroenPostdoc  +45 353-26315E-mail
Wäänänen, AndersSenior executive adviser  +45 353-25301E-mail
Xella, StefaniaAssociate professor  +45 353-25329E-mail
Yan, HaopengPhD student  +45 353-26082E-mail
Zeuthen, EmilPostdoc  +45 353-30276E-mail
Zhou, YouPostdoc Postdoc +45 353-31282E-mail
Zhou, YouPostdoc Postdoc +45 353-31282E-mail
Zugenmaier, Michael Viktor AlbanResearch assistant   E-mail
Zugenmaier, Michael Viktor AlbanPhD student   E-mail
Zunino, AndreaAssistant professor Assistant professor +45 353-33279E-mail
Øgendal, Lars HolmAssociate professor  +45 353-37435E-mail
Ørum, Niels OleLaboratory assistant   E-mail
Østfeldt, ChristofferPhD fellow  +45 353-33780E-mail
Østfeldt, ChristofferPhD student  +45 353-33780E-mail
Þórðardóttir, Katrin Þórey HjorthCentre administrator  +45 21 55 29 75E-mail