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Jens Hjorth

Jens Hjorth


Primary fields of research

Cosmology: gamma-ray bursts, gravitational lensing, dark matter and dark energy in the Universe, high-redshift galaxies, cosmological parameters

Main scientific achievements: Establishing the gamma-ray burst - supernova connection; discovering the first optical afterglow of a short gamma-ray burst

Current research

Fundamental properties of gamma-ray burst selected galaxies

The origin of universality in dark-matter halos

Gravitational lenses as telescopes: probes of dark matter and high-redshift galaxies


Supervised (co-supervised) 7 (5) PhD students, 12 (2) MSc and 20 BSc students
Lecture courses given: “Experimental Astrophysics”, “Introduction to Cosmology”, “Galactic Dynamics”, “Advanced Cosmology”

Contributing to 'Classic Astronomy Papers' seminars, Spring 2010

Teaching 'Introduction to Cosmology' Spring 2010

Currently supervising one PhD student, working with another PhD student, and supervising a bachelor student, all in gravitational lensing.

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