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The institute

Niels Bohr Institute represents the physical subjects at the University of Copenhagen. The institute's scientific staff research and teach in the physical subjects - astronomy, biophysics, geophysics, nanophysics and basic physics.

The Institute's researchers are organized in 11 research sections and 10 centers.

They are divided into four different addresses:

  • Blegdamsvej 15-21: The original institute for physics has 4 teams of scientists besides the management, the administration and technical support. Particle physics, Quantum physics, eScience, Biophysics and Theoretical cosmology. It is also here to find Niels Bohr's work room and the historical auditorium A, which remains unchanged as in his time.
  • Rockefellerkomplekset, Juliane Maries Vej: At this address you will find 5 teams of scientists within Astronomy, Geophysics and Condensed Matter Theory.
  • H. C. Ørsteds Institute, Universitetsparken: At this address you will find the Nanophysics group (X-Ray and Neutron Science) and the Center for Quantum Devices.
  • Geological Museum, Øster Voldgade: At this address you will find the Astrophysics & Planetary Science group.

It is also at Blegdamsvej you will find the Niels Bohr International Academy and the Niels Bohr Archive. The archive is independent of Niels Bohr Institute.

The scientific research has an extensive international collaboration with leading research groups worldwide.

Niels Bohr Institute named Historic Site

The European Physical Society has declared the Niels Bohr Institute as a Historic Site with great international importance for developments in physics and research. The Niels Bohr Institute has been selected on this basis: “This is where the foundation of atomic physics and modern physics was created in a creative scientific environment inspired by Niels Bohr in the 1920s and 30s.” Read more >>