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The research and education at the Niels Bohr Institute spans astronomy, climate & geophysics, nano- & particle physics, quantum physics and biophysics. We explore the universe from the the elemental particles to stars and planets, and distant galaxies in the universe.

Medal of Honour

Jürgen Schukraft receives the Niels Bohr Institute Medal of Honour, 2017

MEDAL OF HONOUR: Jürgen Schukraft, one the world’s leading physicists in the study of the Quark Gluon Plasma(QGP), has been awarded the Niels Bohr Institute Medal of Honour, 2017.


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  • Quantum Optics Colloquium by Henri Thyrrestrup Nielsen

    • 25-05-2018
    • Title: Coherent single-photon sources
      Henri Thyrrestrup Nielsen, NBI

  • NBIA Colloquium: Poul Erik Lindelof

    • 25-05-2018
    • Title: Applying Modern Physics to Archaeology
      In recent years, much progress has been made in measuring archaeological ages. Among new methods is the study of radioisotopes other than the standard workhorse, C-14. I shall describe work I have done with K-40 which establishes that humans inhabited the island of Flores in Indonesia one million years ago.


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