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Talk by Ralf Metzler, Potsdam University

01 July 2016 kl. 10.00

'Anomalous diffusion in lipid bilayer membranes and in other complex fluids' Read more

Bachelors Defense: Vita Heidari

01 July 2016 kl. 10:00

Deterministic assembly of gatemon qubits using dielectrophoresis

Read more

Bachelors Defense: Laurits Orheim Andersen

01 July 2016 kl. 11:00

Control and Charaterization of Hybrid Superconductor Semiconductor Qubit Devices. Read more

Quantum Optics Seminar by Rob Thew

06 July 2016 kl. 15:15

Title: Heralded Single Photon Entanglement And Quantum Networks
Rob Thew,  The Quantum Technologies group, Department of Applied Physics, University of Geneva, Switzerland Read more

Quantum Optics Colloquium by Niels Kjærgaard

07 July 2016 kl. 11:00 Sharp

Title: The ‘Sideways Effect’
Niels KjærgaardDepartment of Physics, QSO — Centre for Quantum Science†, and Dodd-Walls Centre for Photonic and Quantum Technologies, University of Otago, New Zealand Read more

Quantum Optics Seminar by Pepijn W. H. Pinkse

08 July 2016 kl. 10:15

Quantum-Secure Authentication and Adaptive Quantum Optics
Pepijn W. H. Pinkse,  Complex Photonic Systems (COPS), MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology, University of Twente Read more

Quantum Optics Seminar by Kevin Guilloy

08 July 2016 kl. 11:15

Title: Optical spectroscopy of strained germanium micro-structures
Kevin Guilloy, CEA Grenoble Read more

No upcoming events

31 July 2016 kl. 09:00

There are currently no upcoming events at Dark Cosmology Centre Read more

Carbonhagen 2016

17 August 2016

Carbonhagen 2016 will take place 17-18 August 2016.

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NBA History of Science Seminar

12 September 2016 kl. 14:15

Thomas Kaiserfeld, "European Neutrons from Parasitic Research to Global Strategy:  Realizing Plans for a Transnational European Spallation Source in the Wake of the Cold War."

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Upcoming events

31 December 2016 kl. 09:00

There are currently no upcoming events at the X-Ray and Neutron Science group Read more