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Quantum Optics Seminar by Nir Kampel

22 April 2014 kl. 14:15

Title: Optomechanical Squeezing of Light and beyond Read more

QDev Seminar: Daniel Sherman

22 April 2014 kl. 17:15

Experimental review on the disordered-driven superconductor to insulator transition Read more

QDev Seminar: Javad Shabani

23 April 2014 kl. 14:15

Fabrication and characterization of gate-defined structures in epitaxially grown InAs heterostructures Read more

Discovery-HET Seminar: Marius de Leeuw

24 April 2014 kl. 14.15

Title: TBA Read more

QDev Seminar: Frederico Martins

25 April 2014 kl. 13:15

Imaging and manipulating quantum transport at the nanometer scale Read more

Talk by Mogens B. Nielsen for Nano-Science Center Seminar Series

02 May 2014 kl. 14.30

Mogens B. Nielsen will host the next Nano-Science Center Seminar Series event this May. Read more

"Neuroscience from a physicist's perspective", NBIA Colloquium by Peter Latham

09 May 2014 kl. 14.15

Neuroscience from a physicist's perspective Read more

Niels Bohr Archive History of Science Seminar

12 May 2014 kl. 14.15

Thiago Hartz

The many uses of Niels Bohr's ideas
on quantum field measurement (1930-1970)

Read more

PhD course: From light to dark - the growing phase of supermassive black holes

19 May 2014

5-day intensive course on observational and theoretical extragalactic astrophysics.  Read more

Talk by Elisabeth Bradley, University of Colorado

20 May 2014 kl. 12:30

Forensic Paleoclimatology Read more

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