Physics tour in CPH

The Physical Tourist, A Science Guide for the Traveler edited by John S. Rigden and Roger H. Stuewer. Birkhäuser Verlag Basel, Switzerland.

  • Bredgade 62 - Residence of Christian Bohr Our physical tour of Copenhagen starts at Bredgade 62, the »

  • Ved Stranden 14 - Niels Bohr was born here Niels Bohr was born here on October 7, 1885, when it was »

  • Dantes Plads - The Royal Danish Academy From its foundation in 1742, the Royal Danish Academy of »

  • Klareboderne / Købmagergade On the street Klareboderne, close to its intersection with »

  • Købmagergade 52A - The Round Tower To the right of the entrance to the Round Tower there is a bust »

  • Store Kannikestræde 16 Danish astronomer Ole Rømer (1644-1710) studied at the University of »

  • Vor Frue Kirke, Vor Frue Plads Ole Rømer was given a state funeral and was buried in Vor Frue Kirke »

  • Studiestræde 6 - Hans Christian Ørsted Ørsted discovered aluminum in 1825 in the Chemistry »

  • Ørstedparken - The statue of Hans Christian Ørsted This park is named after the two Ørsted brothers, »

  • Rosenborg Castle, Øster Voldgade 4A Now a museum, this castle houses the Danish Royal Collections. »

  • Geological Museum, Øster Voldgade 5-7 The present Geological Museum was opened in 1893 and was »

  • Observatory on Østervold - Øster Voldgade 3 The University of Copenhagen Observatory on Østervold »

  • Polyteknisk Læreanstalt, Sølvtorvet, Sølvgade 83 These buildings date to 1890, with the physics wing »

  • The Niels Bohr Institute at Blegdamsvej 17 The Niels Bohr Institute at Blegdamsvej 17 was »

  • Assistens Kirkegård, Kapelvej 2 - The Bohr family grave The first area of this cemetery was »

  • Gamle Carlsbergvej - The Carlsberg Honorary Residence The Carlsberg Brewery was established by Jacob »

  • Appendix. Museums of Related Interest Museums beyond the Center of Copenhagen of Related Interest: »