News on Geophysics in 2017

New generation ESA-satellites capable of revealing future sea level rises

03 October 2017

NEGIS, the Northeast Greenland Ice Stream, splits into three gigantic glaciers - holding back ice masses equaling a global sea level rise of approx. one meter. ESA satellites can help reveal future sea increases.

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Massive Antarctic Volcanic Eruptions Triggered Abrupt Southern Hemisphere Climate Changes Near the End of the Last Ice Age

05 September 2017

Halogen-rich eruptions created a stratospheric ozone hole over Antarctica that, analogous to the modern ozone hole, led to large-scale changes in atmospheric circulation and hydroclimate throughout the Southern Hemisphere.

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Satellite photos reveal gigantic outburst floods

13 August 2017

The lake has been the source of four major outburst floods over the last 50 years - each representing an astounding mass of energy, equaling up to 240 Hiroshima-bombs. The next may happen as soon as 2018-19.

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New Ice core drilling in North Eastern Greenland

27 April 2017

The first crew of researchers, technicians and students has arrived at the EastGRIP research camp on the Greenland ice cap, flown in by ski-equipped American Hercules planes, where they during the next 4 months will....

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