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  • 6 May 2019, 09:00-16:00

    Ice2ice all staff meeting 2019

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  • 9 May 2019, TBA

    Carlos Gómez-Guijarro Ph.d. thesis defence

    PH.D. DEFENCE: Carlos Gómez-Guijarro of The Cosmic Dawn Center (DAWN) will defend his Ph.d - thesis "High-redshift Progenitors of Massive Galaxies" on the 9th of May, 2019. » Read more

  • 7 June 2019, 15:00

    Nano-Science Seminar

    Nano-Science Seminar Nano-Science Center seminars are monthly seminars with a scientific presentation featuring a guest or faculty from the Nano-Science Center. The seminars are targeted students from 2nd year and researchers, and the aim is to inspire and catalyse networking among researchers and students. » Read more

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