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Namely Names 2017/18

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The official opening of DAWN

29 June 2018

The official opening of the new basic research center of excellence 'Cosmic Dawn Center' (DAWN) supported by the Danish National Research Foundation, was celebrated on June 22nd, 2018 at Vibenshus Runddel.

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What causes superconductivity? It will take legwork!

28 June 2018

With a grant of 5,662,844 DKK from the Danish Council for Independent Research, Brian Møller Andersen at the Niels Bohr Institute will have the opportunity to try to understand the superconducting properties of iron-based superconductors.

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Charles Marcus elected member of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences

09 May 2018

Congratulations to Charles Marcus on being elected member of the United States National Academy of Sciences. Charles Marcus is a professor and Center Director of the Center for Quantum Devices at the Niels Bohr Institute.

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From musician to professor of quantum physics

08 May 2018

Peter Krogstrup Jeppesen has had a meteoric career in a complex area of research and after only a relatively short period of time in the world of physics, and he can now call himself a professor of quantum physics.

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The Carlsberg foundation supports the search for hidden particles with a grant of 4.4 million DKK

25 April 2018

Oleg Ruchayskiy, lector in the research group Experimental Subatomic Physics at the Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen receives grant of 4.4 million DKK from the Carlsberg Foundation for Microphysics of the Universe.

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PhD student awarded the NBI TA prize for teaching in Linear Algebra

23 April 2018

The prize for the best TA at Niels Bohr Institute is awarded for only the second time. The prize was established by the Teaching Committee based on a recommendation from the Physics Students Council.

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Eugene Polzik receives ERC Advanced Grant for the second time, this time for 16.2 million DKK

12 April 2018

Since the ERC Advanced Grant was established ten years ago in 2008, 50 of these special grants have been awarded to Danish researchers. Eugene Polzik is the first researcher from Denmark who has been awarded this grant twice.

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Markus Ahlers receives 7.3 million DDK to find the sources of cosmic neutrinos

30 January 2018

Markus Ahlers, assistant professor in the Theoretical Particle Physics and Cosmology research group at the Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen receives a Villum Young Investigator grant on 7.350.000 DDK for his neutrino research.

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Giorgos Leloudas receives 10 million DKK to investigate the “blackest” of black holes in the Universe

26 January 2018

The research in the black holes in the center of galaxies gets a boost on 10 million DKK with a Villum Young Investigator grant to assistant professor Giorgos Leloudas at DARK Cosmology Centre.

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Mark Rudner receives the Niels Bohr Institute’s teaching award 2017

25 January 2018

At the Niels Bohr Institute's annual kick-off meeting on January 25, 2018, the Jens Martin Prize was awarded to Mark Spencer Rudner for his education at the bachelor's degree "Condensed Matter Physics 1 (CMP1)".

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