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21 August 2009

Ecker's painting of the burning spire on Church of Our Lady has
become an icon for the bombardment of Copenhagen in 1807.

Vor Frue Plads

Vor Frue Kirke

Ole Rømer was given a state funeral and was buried in Vor Frue Kirke (the Cathedral of Our Lady).

This church and neighboring houses were burned to the ground in 1807, when General Arthur Wellesley, later the first Duke of Wellington, and the British bombarded the church tower with the newly-invented Congreve rockets.

A new church, designed by C. F. Hansen, was built above the old, and Rømer's grave is marked by a stone (erected in the right-hand aisle in 1945) with a carving and an epitaph:


(Ole Rømer, 25.9.1644 [25 September 1644]- 19.9.1710 [19 September 1710], he measured the speed of light).

There is a bust of Niels Bohr by J. Gudmundsen-Holmgreen (1965) in front of the University building on Vor Frue Plads.

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