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Francesco Maria Valentino

Francesco Maria Valentino


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    Publication year:
    1. 2017
    2. Published

      Radio Selection of the Most Distant Galaxy Clusters. / Daddi, E.; Jin, S.; Strazzullo, V.; Sargent, M. T.; Wang, T.; Ferrari, C.; Schinnerer, E.; Smolcic, V.; Calabro, A.; Coogan, R.; Delhaize, J.; Delvecchio, I.; Elbaz, D.; Gobat, R.; Gu, Q.; Liu, D.; Novak, M.; Valentino, F.

      In: Astrophysics Journal Letters, Vol. 846, No. 2, L31, 10.09.2017.

      Research output: Research - peer-reviewJournal article

    3. Published

      The FMOS-COSMOS Survey of Star-forming Galaxies at Z similar to 1.6. V : Properties of Dark Matter Halos Containing Ha Emitting Galaxies. / Kashino, Daichi; More, Surhud; Silverman, John D.; Daddi, Emanuele; Renzini, Alvio; Sanders, David B.; Rodighiero, Giulia; Puglisi, Annagrazia; Kajisawa, Masaru; Valentino, Francesco; Kartaltepe, Jeyhan S.; Le Fevre, Olivier; Nagao, Tohru; Arimoto, Nobuo; Sugiyama, Naoshi.

      In: Astrophysical Journal, Vol. 843, No. 2, 138, 10.07.2017.

      Research output: Research - peer-reviewJournal article

    4. Published

      Dust and gas in star-forming galaxies at z similar to 3 Extending galaxy uniformity to 11.5 billion years. / Magdis, G. E.; Rigopoulou, D.; Daddi, E.; Bethermin, M.; Feruglio, C.; Sargent, M.; Dannerbauer, H.; Dickinson, M.; Elbaz, D.; Guijarro, C. Gomez; Huang, J. -S.; Toft, S.; Valentino, F.

      In: Astronomy & Astrophysics, Vol. 603, A93, 01.07.2017.

      Research output: Research - peer-reviewJournal article

    5. Published

      The Bright and Dark Sides of High-redshift Starburst Galaxies from Herschel and Subaru Observations. / Puglisi, A.; Daddi, E.; Renzini, A.; Rodighiero, G.; Silverman, J. D.; Kashino, D.; Rodriguez-Munoz, L.; Mancini, C.; Mainieri, V.; Man, A.; Franceschini, A.; Valentino, F.; Calabro, A.; Jin, S.; Darvish, B.; Maier, C.; Kartaltepe, J. S.; Sanders, D. B.

      In: Astrophysics Journal Letters, Vol. 838, No. 2, L18, 01.04.2017.

      Research output: Research - peer-reviewJournal article

    6. Published

      Predicting emission line fluxes and number counts of distant galaxies for cosmological surveys. / Valentino, F.; Daddi, E.; Silverman, J. D.; Puglisi, A.; Kashino, D.; Renzini, A.; Cimatti, A.; Pozzetti, L.; Rodighiero, G.; Pannella, M.; Gobat, R.; Zamorani, G.

      In: Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Vol. 472, No. 4, 01.12.2017, p. 4878-4899.

      Research output: Research - peer-reviewJournal article

    ID: 168196370