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News 2016/17

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Superfast light source made from artificial atom

26 April 2016

New research results from the Niels Bohr Institute show that light sources can be made much faster by using a principle that was predicted theoretically in 1954. Superfast light sources can be used, for example, in laser lights, LED...

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Unique opportunity for Danish companies in the competition to develop materials of the future

13 April 2016

Unique opportunity for Danish companies in the competition to develop materials of the futureAn agreement has just been finalized on Danish co-financing of the coming X-ray facility in Lund, Sweden - MAX IV. The agreement gives Danish companies and researchers direct access to use some of the world’s

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Massive investment: From theoretical quantum physics to usable quantum technology

07 April 2016

In a major new effort to translate quantum physics into practical quantum technology, the Innovation Fund Denmark has therefore invested 80 million kroner in a nationwide project involving three universities.

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Easter can be calculated with greater accuracy using new ‘old’ astronomical method

18 March 2016

Easter can fall early and late, in fact, the timing can fluctuate by an entire month from late March to late April. Using a new astronomical method of calculation, the date of Easter would be better defined as the first Sunday after

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Climate variations analysed 5 million years back in time

16 March 2016

When we talk about climate change today, we have to recognise the natural variations to be able to distinguish them from the human-induced changes. Researchers from the NBI have analysed the natural climate variations over

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Protected Majorana states for quantum information

09 March 2016

Quantum technology has the potential to revolutionize computation, cryptography, and simulation of quantum systems. However: quantum states are fragile, and so must be controlled without being measured. 

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Cancer treatment on a cellular level

02 March 2016

The most common treatments for cancer are radiation and chemotherapy. However they have side effects and also damage healthy tissues. Researchers at NBI are therefore working to develop a gentler treatment that ‘tricks’ the

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Dark Cosmology Centre in hunt for gravitational wave sources

11 February 2016

Dark Cosmology Centre in hunt for gravitational wave sourcesToday it was announced that gravitational waves, a key prediction of Einstein’s theory of general relativity, have been directly detected for the first time and astrophysicists from the Niels Bohr Institute’s Dark Cosmology Centre...

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The universe’s primordial soup flowing at CERN

09 February 2016

Researchers have recreated the universe’s primordial soup in miniature format by colliding lead atoms with extremely high energy in the 27 km long particle accelerator, the LHC at CERN.

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Diversity of nature formulated

01 February 2016

We humans are affecting nature to a greater and greater degree and this is contributing to the reduction of biodiversity globally. To better assess the consequences requires a better understanding of the environmental

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