Gravitational Waves and Cosmic Microwave Background

As part of the Theoretical Particle Physics & Cosmology group at the Niels Bohr Institute, we conduct research in CMB science using data from the Planck satelite and the planned Deep Space experiment in Greenland. We also study gravitational waves using data from the LIGO observatories.

Gravitational waves

Photographs courtesy Caltech/MIT/LIGO Laboratory

Understanding the LIGO GW150914 event (arxiv:1604.06211)
Identifying GW150914 in the LIGO data using cross-correlations with no assumptions about its origin

Possible associated signal with GW150914 in the LIGO data (arxiv:1609.08346)
Indications of an associated signal in the LIGO data with the same time lag as the GW150914 event

On the time lags of the LIGO signals (arxiv:1706.04191)
Correlations in the residuals at the time of LIGO events with the same time lag as the events themselves
Python script for computing correlations in residuals (uploaded June 27, 2017)

Comments on 'On the time lags of the LIGO signals'
uploaded June 27, 2017

Cosmic microwave background

Deep Space CMB observatory
Measuring the CMB polarization from an observatory in Greenland
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