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R. Appali, B. Lautrup, T. Heimburg, and U. van Rienen. 2012. Soliton Collision in Biomembranes and Nerves - A Stability Study. B. Michielsen and J.-R. Poirier (eds.), in: Scientific Computing in Electrical Engineering SCEE 2010, Mathematics in Industry 16, Springer, pp. 205-212.    pdf abstract80

Collision ofmoving solitons is an interesting phenomenawhich is closely related to the stability of solitons. We study the head-on collision of solitons in a recently introduced model for biomembranes and nerves. We conduct simulations for pairs of solitons moving in opposite directions with the same velocity. It is found that these stable solitons collide elastically and it results a small amplitude noise traveling with higher velocity.We have also examined the energy loss of the solitons after collision.