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T.Heimburg, S.Z.Mirzaev, and U.Kaatze. 2000. Heat capacity behavior in the critical region of the ionic binary mixture ethylammonium nitrate/n-octanol. Phys.Rev.E 62: 4963-4967 abstract34

Abstract: At temperatures between 30 °C and 58 °C we have recorded the heat capacity of the ionic ethylammonium nitrate­n-octanol mixture of critical composition and also of the constituents. Different samples of the binary mixture have been measured with its upper critical demixing temperature T c varying between 41.04 °C and 46.87 °C, depending on small traces of water within the liquid under test. Almost identical heat capacity profiles result if the data are displayed as a function of the temperature distance to the actual T c value. In the homogeneous phase the critical contribution exhibits power-law behavior with the critical exponent a50.11 as theoretically predicted for nonionic liquids and in conformity with our understanding of the ionic criticality as being asymptotically Ising like. The noncritical background part of the heat capacity can be related to the heat capacities of the constituents using a simple mixture relation. In the two-phase regime a series of almost perfectly reproducible events is found which may be taken to indicate the existence of nonequilibrium inter-mediate states in the ethylammonium nitrate­n-octanol system.