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Pól Martin Bendix

Pól Martin Bendix

Associate Professor

I am working in new inter-disciplinary fields called soft matter physics and biophysics, which have emerged from the desire to understand physical processes observed e.g. in cells and biological tissue. This includes cell motility, contraction of cells (muscles cells) and processes like cell division. For studying soft matter systems we use advanced tools like optical tweezers in conjunction with confocal microscopy and rheometers

During my master thesis work I investigated interactions between a colloid and a flat surface by using an optical trap combined with a video technique. In my graduate studies I investigated the behavior of active cytoskeletal networks consisting of cross-linked actin -myosin gels. Also I performed detialed quantitative study of 3D optical trapping of metal nanoparticles with the aim at using these as intracellular probes. I graduated in the biophysics group at the Niels Bohr Institute and I share interest/participate in some of the current projects carried out by the members of the group. Also, I have used lipid phase transitions as sensor for measuring thermal properties of irradiated gold nanoparticles. My current position is in Boxer lab at Stanford University where I work with liposomal fusion to membranes mediated by short DNA strands which will elucidate mechanisms of SNARE mediated fusion occuring in synapses.

ID: 32157853