Integrability and Beyond

Our research lies within the framework of the AdS/CFT correspondence linking gauge theories and string theories. Our projects relate to integrable models, spin chains, defect conformal field theories, quantum quenches and graphene.




























































































































































Kristjansen, Charlotte FløeProfessor +45 353-25381E-mail
Müller, DennisPostdoc  
Volk, MatthiasPhD fellow +45 353-25041E-mail

External staff & students

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Marius de Leeuw Assistant Prof.   mdeleeuwa(at)
Georgios Linardopoulos Postdoc   glinard(at)
Rasmus Steen Kofoed Nielsen Ms student   jbz701(at)
Khalil Youssef Idiab Ms student   ljw251(at)