HET-seminar: Konstantinos Zoubos

Speaker: Konstantinos Zoubos

Title: Marginal deformations, twists and quantum algebras

Abstract: The N=4 Super-Yang-Mills theory admits a class of N=1 exactly marginal deformations, known as the Leigh-Strassler theories. In general, these deformations appear to break the global SU(4) R-symmetry group of N=4 SYM to just U(1)_R plus some discrete symmetries. In this talk I will show that, if one is willing to look beyond Lie algebraic symmetries, the SU(4) is actually not broken in the generic Leigh-Strassler case, but rather deformed to a quasi-Hopf algebra (which I will introduce). I will also construct a star product which relates the N=4 SYM lagrangian to that of the Leigh-Strassler theories. The presence of this hidden symmetry should have applications to studies of integrability of these theories, as well as to the construction of their supergravity duals.