HET- seminar: Teresa Bautista

Speaker:  Teresa Bautista

Title: Lorentzian CFT correlators in momentum space

Abstract: In CFTs, conformal invariance completely fixes the form of three-point correlators of scalars and conserved currents up to a constant. In position space, the form of these correlators in Lorentzian signature follows very simply from the well-known Euclidean ones by means of a Wick rotation and the i-epsilon prescription. In momentum space, the Wick rotation is more complicated, and while the expressions for the euclidean correlators were fully obtained in recent years, the expression for the Lorentzian ones had not been worked out. In this talk, I will first present the form of the Lorentzian momentum-space correlator of three scalars in any dimension. I will then present how to obtain tensorial three-point correlators. As an example of the convenience of these expressions, I will use the obtained form of the OTO correlator to reproduce certain expectation values of the ANEC (Average Null Energy Condition) operator relevant for the conformal-collider bounds, to argue that the computation is more intuitive in momentum space.