HET- seminar: Gim Seng Ng

Speaker:  Gim Seng Ng

Title: Generalized Gibbs Ensemble and the Statistics of KdV Charges in 2D CFT

Abstract: Two-dimensional CFTs have an infinite set of commuting conserved charges, known as the quantum KdV charges. We study the Generalized Gibbs Ensemble with chemical potentials for these charges at high temperature. In a large central charge limit, the partition function can be computed in a saddle-point approximation. We compare the ensemble values of the KdV charges to the values in a microstate, and find that they match irrespective of the values of the chemical potentials. We study the partition function at finite central charge perturbatively in the chemical potentials, and find that this degeneracy is broken. We also study the statistics of the KdV charges at high level within a Virasoro representation, and find that they are sharply peaked.