Solid Earth Physics and Geostatistics

The Solid Earth Physics and Geostatistics Group at the Niels Bohr Institute is engaged in inverse theory and algorithm development for the solution of complex problems in the study of the Earth's interior. Of particular interest to us is the integration of quantitative geophysical and geological models and the related computational challenges.

Our projects span from large-scale planetary studies to Earth resource exploration, including drinking water, geothermal energy and hydrocarbons. All these activities share common themes that continue to fascinate us: nonlinear inverse problems, the search for feasible solutions, probabilistic Earth models, and the complex flow of information from uncertain observations, through numerical modeling, to final interpretions and decisions.  

























Name Title Phone E-mail
Ayzenberg, Alena Postdoc +45 353-24153 E-mail
Fernandes, Iris Research assistant +45 353-31543 E-mail
Jóhannsson, Óli D. PhD +45 353-30312
Mosegaard, Klaus Professor +45 21 66 45 66 E-mail
Youssof, Mohammad Postdoc +45 353-32169 E-mail
Zunino, Andrea Assistant professor +45 353-33279 E-mail