Emilie Capron

Emilie Capron


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    My research aims at providing a global dimension to ice core datasets by linking them to other archives and to modeling exercises, to go toward a comprehensive understanding of the climate dynamics across the past 150 thousand of years (ka). This central scientific focus of my research tackles important questions in the context of Climate Change and its future impacts on socio-economic and natural systems:

    (1) What is the response of the different components of the Earth System to the warmer-than-preindustrial climate of the Last Interglacial (116-129 ka)?

    (2) What is the sensitivity of polar ice sheets to large glacial-interglacial climatic transitions, also referred to as Glacial Terminations?

    (3) What are the processes responsible for the initiation and propagation of the abrupt climate changes across the last glacial period observed in Greenland ice cores (~10-116 ka)?

    Using a multi-archive approach requires overcoming the major challenge of defining robust and coherent age models amongst the various archives, this represents the second focus of my research

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