Kristian Moss BendtsenKristian Moss Bendtsen

A thesis submitted January 28, 2015 for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy and defended March 19, 2015.

The PhD School of Science
Faculty of Science, Niels Bohr Institute, Centre For Models of Life (CMOL), University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Mogens Høgh Jensen

Ala Trusina

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Dynamical processes in Ageing, Gene regulation & Communication
My thesis consists of three parts. The first part covers ageing phenomena. In the first project I measured the mobility of two DNA repair proteins. Contrasting diffusion coefficients from literature I was able to classify DNA repair protein into either "scanners" or "responders". In a second project we constructed a mathematical model and showed that if DNA damage is primarily caused by geno-toxic agents, it would be advantageous for cells to have a fragile DNA repair mechanism. The second part of my Ph.D. thesis covers gene regulation. In the first project we show how RNA polymerase can be used as a transcription factor. This requires that promoter regions overlap, which 15% of promoters in E.coli do. In the second project I analyse a negative auto regulated transcription motif coupled to a positive auto regulation transcription motif. I find that a general feature of this motif is that unstable activation and stable repression is a requirement for the motif to produce oscillations. The last part of this thesis studies the emergence of communication networks. In this study we constructed a simple e-mail game. E-mails from two session with 16 players, who had never met before, showed how players develop favourite communication partners. We observed how this dynamic caused a communication network to form. By quantifying the information flow in this network, we were able to shown how that the network functions as an anti-exploration mechanism against "information leeches".

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