Electron-electron interactions in quantum point contacts and finite quantum wires (Mathias Lunde)
Cellular mechanics studied by novel nano-tools and reconstituted model systems (Poul Martin Hansen)
Electron Transport in Semiconductor Nanowires and Electrostatic Force Microscopy on Carbon Nanotubes (Thomas Sand Jespersen)
Experimental Quantum Transport in Carbon Nanotubes (Henrik Ingerslev Jørgensen)
Factorization of Seiberg-Witten Curves and Black Holes on a Circle (Peter Browne Rønne)
Optical elements for hard X-ray radiation (Anette Jensen)
Single Molecule Dynamics at Surfaces (Jesper Donsmark)
Slepton Spin Determination and Simulation of the Transition Radiation Tracker at dhe ATLAS Experiment (thomas høvring kittelmann)
The Lyα Emission Line as a Cosmological Tool (Kim K. Nilsson)
X-ray Telescopes: Development, Flight and Analysis (Kristin Kruse Madsen)