2005 – Niels Bohr Institute - University of Copenhagen

An inherently mass-conservative semi-implicit semi-Lagrangian model (Peter Hjort Lauritzen)
Analysis of soluble ions from dust and sea salt over the last glacial cycle in polar deep ice cores (Marie Louise Siggaard Andersen)
Champ Satellite Gravity Field Determination by Collocation (Eva Howe)
Data Analysis of the Microwave Observations from the Tophat Experiment (Dan Fleron Gregor)
Design of high-power frequency-doubled diode laser systems for experiments on laser-cooled Magnesium (Valentina Ruseva)
Evolution Problems of General Relativity (Jakob Hansen)
Gamma-Ray Bursts and their Hosts: A Multi-Wavelength Exploration (Pall Jakobsson)
Gamma-Ray Bursts, Collisionsless Shocks Synthetic Spectra (Christian Busk Hededal)
Metal-Clad Waveguide Sensors (Nina Skivesen)
Modelling Relativistic Astrophysics at the Large and Small Scale General Relativistic MHD (Troels Haugboelle)
Near-Earth Asteroids from discovery to characterisation (Rene Michelsen)
Neutron scattering studies of two-dimensional antiferromagnetic spin fluctuations in insulating and superconducting S = 1/2 systems (Niels Bech Christensen)
Novel Optical micromanipulation systems using spatial light modulators (Peter John Rodrigo)
Polar Amplification of Surface Temperature Change in a Warming Climate (Peter Lang Langen)
Quantitative studies of the nucleation of recrystallization in metals utilizing microscopy and X-ray diffraction (Axel Wright Larsen)
Real-time in vivo luminescence dosimetry in radiotherapy and mammography using Al2O3:C (Marianne Camille Aznar)
Surface deformations analyzed using GPS time series (Shfaqat Abbas Khan)
Surface-Acoustic-Wave-driven Single-Electron-Transport through Shallow-Etched Quantum Point Contacts (Pawel Utko)