Research in Condenced Matter Theory

Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics work with theoretical many-body and condensed matter physics in relation to quantum mechanical effects in nanostructures and work to understand the behaviour of the material based on the atomic structure of the substance.

The group conducts research in advanced materials, for example, high temperature superconductors and superconductors and insulators with new properties in terms of topologically defined states.

In collaboration with the Center for Quantum Devices, they research quantum information systems and the use and understanding of quantum mechanical effects on nanometer scale electronic components.

In addition, they are working to develop molecular electronics and spintronics. Spintronics are electronics based on the spin of electrons and the technology will make it possible to produce hard drives for quantum computing.

Another area is phononics, which is a kind of ‘sound laser’ that can emit a precise tone from one molecule to another, which has potential for precise quantum mechanical communication.

The research into molecular electronics is carried out in collaboration with experimentalists and chemists at the Nano-Science Center.