News on Quantum physics in 2016

The Sound of Quantum Vacuum

21 December 2016

Quantum mechanics dictates sensitivity limits in the measurements of displacement, velocity and acceleration. A recent experiment at NBI probes these limits, analyzing how quantum fluctuations set a sensor membrane

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University of Copenhagen partners with Microsoft to develop topological quantum computer

28 November 2016

Professor Charles Marcus will build the world's first topological quantum computer at the Niels Bohr Institute in collaboration with the Technical University of Delft and Sydney University under a Microsoft...

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Effective reflection of light for quantum technology

23 September 2016

Effective reflection of light for quantum technologyResearchers at the Niels Bohr Institute have developed a new method where they create a very strong interaction between light and atoms, which means that the light can be controlled and reflected on a glass fiber.

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Optical magnetic field sensor can detect signals from the nervous system

15 July 2016

The human body is controlled by electrical impulses in, for example, the brain, the heart and nervous system. These electrical signals create tiny magnetic fields, which can be used to diagnose various diseases. 

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Quantum photonic researchers start new company, Sparrow Quantum

27 May 2016

Researchers in the research group Quantum Photonics at the Niels Bohr Institute have formed a new company, Sparrow Quantum, which will produce photonic chips that could be used for quantum technology based on light.

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Superfast light source made from artificial atom

26 April 2016

New research results from the Niels Bohr Institute show that light sources can be made much faster by using a principle that was predicted theoretically in 1954. Superfast light sources can be used, for example, in laser lights, LED...

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Massive investment: From theoretical quantum physics to usable quantum technology

07 April 2016

In a major new effort to translate quantum physics into practical quantum technology, the Innovation Fund Denmark has therefore invested 80 million kroner in a nationwide project involving three universities.

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Protected Majorana states for quantum information

09 March 2016

Quantum technology has the potential to revolutionize computation, cryptography, and simulation of quantum systems. However: quantum states are fragile, and so must be controlled without being measured. 

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