19 September 2011

Four Faculties merge into two

At its September 15. meeting, the university board asked the university management to prepare a plan for how the four “wet” faculties can be reorganized.

Niels Bohr Institute

Niels Bohr Institute is one of the institutes at the Faculty of Science.

The aims of the reorganization are to make sure the faculties get the full advantage of professional cooperation and synergies between researchers in related areas and to better connect basic and applied research. Our education programmes can also be made stronger and more visible by emphasizing their connection to larger and professionally sustainable research environments.

In addition, the university’s involvement with the surrounding society and the opportunities for business collaboration can be made stronger.

Science-LIFE Faculty and Faculty of Medicine

The university management has prepared a rough outline of how a new structure where the existing four wet faculties become two could be constructed. The new structure places the Faculty of Science (SCIENCE) and most of the Faculty of Life Science (LIFE) together, while the Faculty of Health Sciences (HEALTH) and the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences (PHARMA) are placed together in a new Faculty of Medicine. The management awaits further analysis of the pros and cons of placing veterinary science within either the new science/life-science faculty or the new Faculty of Medicine.

The outline will now be examined and edited to the extent that strong arguments call for changes. The result will be a detailed plan for the reorganization that can be presented to the university board before the end of this year.

The restructuring of the research will be followed by an integration of the administration of the faculties. This administrative integration will be planned over the coming months and executed along with the restructuring of research.

The board and management have greatly emphasized the importance of involving both employees and students in the reorganization process. In the coming days and weeks, we will discuss this new idea and gather input from as many sources as possible on how to turn it into reality. Other input that is needed before the board makes its decision will also be gathered. When we have a basis for decision, it will be subject to a consultation by all relevant parties.

Before the end of the year, the board will decide on whether to go ahead with the plan for reorganization. The plan will describe the new structure and the potential gains in research, education, and business collaboration. It will also describe how the university plans to harvest those gains. If approved by the board, the merger of the faculties will go into effect on January 1. 2012, and the actual practical reconstruction of the faculties will be accomplished in 2012.

The idea of reorganizing the wet faculties is fostered by the deans. All four deans and the rectorate have had a part in the work leading to the decision by the board to go on with the process, including the outline of the new faculty and institute structure. You can read more on the background and on how to get involved in the process, as well as see a schedule for the work, at:

The intranet here >>

The General Collaboration Committee has been informed of these plans, and the same will now be done for the faculties’ collaboration committees, the academic councils, boards of studies, local collaboration committees etc. In the upcoming days, department heads will contact the local collaboration committees and hold other informational meetings at their departments.

Open meeting on Tuesday

I hereby send an invitation to an open meeting on Tuesday 20 September from 10.30 – 11.15 a.m. in Auditorium 1 at HCØ, Universitetsparken 5, where Rector and the other deans also will participate. Here we will present our idea proposal and there will be an opportunity to ask questions.

I hope as many as possible will be present. Those who are prevented from attending will be able to see a recording of the meeting on the intranet (at the address noted above).

Nils O. Andersen