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News about Geophysics in 2010

Dramatic climate change is unpredictable

30 August 2010

Dramatic climate change is unpredictableThe fear that global temperature can change very quickly and cause dramatic climate changes that may have a disastrous impact on many countries and populations is great around the world. But what causes climate change...

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Carbon sequestration: Boon or burden

27 June 2010

Carbon sequestration: Boon or burdenThe idea to sequester carbon is gaining support as a way to avoid global warming. For example, the European Union plans to invest billions of Euros within the next ten years to develop carbon capture and storage whereby CO2 will be...

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The Earth and Moon formed later than previously thought

07 June 2010

The Earth and Moon formed later than previously thoughtThe Earth and Moon were created as the result of a giant collision between two planets the size of Mars and Venus. Until now it was thought to have happened when the solar system was 30 million years old...

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Studies agree on a 1 meter rise in sea levels

13 April 2010

Studies agree on a 1 meter rise in sea levelsNew research from several international research groups, including the Niels Bohr Institute at the University of Copenhagen provides independent consensus that IPCC predictions of less than a half a meter rise in sea levels is...

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