7 December 2010

Kim Splittorff receives the Faculty Teaching Award 2010

Kim Splittorff is able to convey difficult material so that students receive the maximum benefits from the lessons and his hard work and inspirational teaching in theoretical physics has now been honoured with the Faculty of Science Teacher of the Year Award.

Kim Splittorff, who is an Associate Professor  at the Niels Bohr Institute, teaches in several of the main obligatory physics courses and he is responsible for the course ’Physics 8 – Quantum Mechanics’, which is a second year course on a high academic level. His lectures are not just one-way communication, but he is very innovative and is able to stimulate the students, who give him very good reviews both as an exercise teacher and a lecturer.

Super good teacher

"In addition to being an incredibly talented calculation exercise teacher, he puts a lot of work into the lectures, which are much more than just a review of the textbook. Physics 8 is the best course I have had so far”, said one student. Other students are in complete agreement and say that Kim’s lectures are ”super good”.

And you get a clear impression that Kim Splittorff really is a super good teacher when you hear about the way he teaches.

"One of the most important things is to make the material meaningful and relevant by showing the connection between the different fields in physics”, explains Kim Splittorff, who is always extremely well prepared, but does not believe that there is one correct solution to good teaching. He tries to always be open to new ideas for how he can present the material in a new way and how he can stimulate and motivate the students.

Passionate about physics

"I am passionate about physics and try to convey my enthusiasm", says Kim Splittorff, and it is this engagement that is now being awarded the Faculty Teacher of the Year Award, which he is very happy and proud to receive.

At the same time he says, that "there are many of my colleagues who make a huge effort to provide teaching of the highest quality”, and he believes that they should have a lot of the credit for bringing this award to Physics. 

Kim Splittorff will receive the prize at a reception in January. With the prize and honour is also included 25.000 kroner.