11 January 2010

Aksel Walløe new Deputy Head of Institute

Meteorologist Aksel Walløe has been appointed as the new Deputy Head for Education at the Niels Bohr Institute.

It was only three months ago that the institute got a new deputy head, Klaus Mosegaard, who now has a new job as a professor at DTU. Aksel Walløe takes over the position on February 1st, but he is not entirely new to the area as he previously held the position in 1993, when the four former institutes for physics merged with the Niels Bohr Institute. 

”It is an important job because education plays a major role in the whole purpose of the institute and that is why it is so important that the teaching and exams take place properly and on time”, explains Aksel Walløe, who himself teaches much of his time.

Aksel Walløe specialises in models of weather and climate and helped develop the world’s first realistic spectral model for weather predictions – “and it worked”, he points out. The model was based on physical insights and mathematical calculations and was the first model to even out the ‘wild’ fluctuations in pressure that had previously caused such big problems.

Right now his great interest is in the climate and how our energy consumption can increase without disturbing nature too much. For many years, global energy consumption has increased at a rate of 2% per year. If it continues to grow at the same rate, by 2242 our energy consumption will be 100 times compared to now, ”but we cannot expand into the sky”, he explains and neither solar nor wind energy can solve problems of this magnitude. This is the problem Aksel Walløe will work with in the future.