16 April 2009

Mathilde Prize to Anja Andersen-stars

Astrophysicist Anja C. Andersen

Two times Anja Andersen: the handball player and the astrophysicist - both big stars in their respective fields - the sports world and the world of science, receive this year's Mathilde Prize from the Danish Women's Society.

The Mathilde Prize is named for Denmark's first feminist, the author Mathilde Fibiger (1830-1872), who in her books and in public debate criticised the gender roles and demanded the emancipation of women. The Mathilde Prize was established in 1970 and is awarded in recognition of work that advances equality.

This year's two prizewinners have both made careers in professions that are traditionally dominated by men. Handball player and coach Anja Andersen receives the prize because she is a good roll model for young women who dream of doing the same. She is a star in the sports world and demonstrates that 'one can' as a woman.

Anja C. Andersen, who is an astrophysicists at the Niels Bohr Instute has the night sky as her work and at the same time she has achieved star status as a promoter of her field - the exploration of the universe. She receives the prize for being a roll model for women in the world of research and natural sciences.

The award ceremony will take place on Sunday, April 26, at 12.30 at the PH-cafe in Copenhagen - and the astrophysicist Anja C. Andersen is looking forward to receiving the equality prize and is really looking forward to meeting "the real Anja Andersen".