9 February 2009

Line Drube to International Space University

Line Drube, who is a PhD student with the Mars Group at the Niels Bohr Institute, has been accepted into the International Space University’s course program for Space Studies. The course lasts two months, is very intensive, very expensive and very difficult to get accepted into.

The International Space University holds the course once a year and it is held in different places around the world. This year it is at the NASA Ames Research Center in San Fransisco, California, USA. To be eligible to apply for admittance to the course one has to have worked with space missions for an extended period of time - and Line Drube has. She has worked with Ålborg University’s student satellite, she has worked on the JUNO-satellite, which is a project for researching Jupiter, and for the last four years she has been attached to the Phoenix Mars Mission.

So Line Drube was well qualified to apply and she did so and was accepted. But the course was expensive – 130.000 DKK. She therefore applied for sponsorship and received 10.000 Euro = 76.000 DKK from ESA, the European Space Agency. Fine, so far so good, but not enough.

She then applied for support from the Lundbeck Foundation, which has also financed her PhD, and it is a very happy Line Drube, who can now announce that she has received 67.000 DKK to cover the rest of the expenses for the course and travel.

“It will be very good. The program at the International Space University consists of combination of teaching, workshops, projects, company visits, experiments and examinations, and one obtains an overview over the space industry including the economic, political, engineering, and business sides of space projects, and it is important experience if one wants to work with space missions”, explains Line Drube. Her dream is to work on NASA’s future mission of a base on the moon.