19 November 2009

Award to Dorthe Dahl-Jensen

Professor in ice physics Dorthe Dahl-Jensen has been awarded this year’s Ebbe Munck Award in recognition of her outstanding contributions to science. 

The board of the Ebbe Munck Memorial Foundation awarded the prize to Dorthe Dahl-Jensen based on her research in ice core drilling through the Greenland ice sheet which has resulted in new knowledge about the climate of the past. This knowledge can be used to improve the climate models that are used to predict the future climate.

”It is really my goal to increase our understanding of the climate of the past in order to better predict the climate of the future and the fact that we now have a large basic research centre means we have good conditions for our research”, explains Dorthe Dahl-Jensen, who is pleasantly surprised to be chosen to receive the award.

The Ebbe Munck Award was established in 1974 and is awarded to individuals working in areas in which journalist, diplomat and Lord Chamberlain Ebbe Munck had a special interest,  including expeditions to and the exploration of Greenland. Ebbe Munck, originally a journalist, took part in several Greenland expeditions himself. During the Occupation he was a contact man for the Allies in the Resistance and the Freedom Council. After the war he went into the Foreign Service as a diplomat and later became the Lord Chamberlain for the then heir to the throne. 

The award ceremony will take place on Friday, November 20th in the Alexander Room at Christiansborg Palace. Professor Minik Rosing will give the award ceremony address, and Her Majesty Queen Margrethe, who is the protector of the Memorial Foundation, will present the award to Dorthe Dahl-Jensen. The award consists of a bronze plaque with a relief of Ebbe Munck, done by sculptor Knud Nellemose. With the award comes a cash prize.