6 May 2009

Anja Andersen honoured for sublime communication

The Svend Bergsøe Foundation has awarded this year's Mediation Award to astrophysicist Anja C. Andersen for her unparalleled dissemination of knowledge about the universe to children, young people and the general public. 

Astrophysicist Anja C. Andersen, Dark
Cosmology Centre, Niels Bohr Institute
receives the Svend Bergsøe Foundation
Mediation Award.
Photo: Claus Boesen

Anja Andersen is an astrophysicist at the Dark Cosmology Centre at the Niels Bohr Institute where she researches cosmic dust and the formation of complex molecules, planets and stars.

She is internationally recognized for her research, about which she has written numerous scientific articles, 4 popular science books and around 40 popular science articles. In addition she holds an impressive number of talks for primary and gymnasium students as well as for organizations. She is also a frequent guest on both radio and television.

"Anja Andersen is a very gifted, passionate communicator and desires for her research and communication to be of value to society. She wants to give children and young people an interest in scientific research and tries to demystify the universe for adults. Additionally, there is her tireless work to increase the number of female researchers", reads the explanation from the foundation's board of directors.

Previous recipients of the award include Holger Beck Nielsen, Professor at the Niels Bohr Institute, social worker Hanne Reintoft, Søren Ryge Petersen from the Danish Broadcasting Corporation, physicist and musician Peter Bastian, and physicist and Mars researcher Jens Martin Knudsen.

The award will be presented at a reception on the 6th of May. The award comes with 100.000 kr.