27 October 2008

Christoph Schär new adjunct professor of climate

Christoph Schär has been appointed as adjunct professor at the Niels Bohr Institute at the University of Copenhagen. The appointment is part of the University of Copenhagen’s strategy to focus on climate research leading up to and following the University Climate Conference in 2009.

Christoph Schär, who is a professor at the Institute for Atmospheric and Climate Science, Zurich in Switzerland, has a deep insight into the physics of the atmosphere and the dynamics of the climate. He has especially researched how water in the soil and plants affect the weather. Water regulates the temperature and in a dry period what happens is that the water evaporates from the soil, which then becomes even more heated and intensifies heat and drought. He has also analyzed the processes that lie behind extreme weather systems in mountain regions.

In the future we will have a climate with a greater range of temperatures and varying changes in the weather from extreme drought to heavy rain and it is important to understand the processes in order to create the large, complicated model predictions that can predict the climate of the future.

The University of Copenhagen has appointed 17 new climate professors in all and in January 2009 Christoph Schär will hold a lecture as part of a series of lectures on climate change leading up to the University Climate Conference in March 2009.