10 November 2008

Anja C. Andersen receives researchers’ own award

Astrophysicist Anja Cetti Andersen, Niels Bohr Institute at the University of Copenhagen receives The Danish Association of Masters and PhDs’ Research Award 2008. She receives the award for her unparalleled ability to combine internationally recognized leading edge research with the ability to communicate her research results and create a broad interest for astronomy.

Anja C. Andersen is an Assistant Professor at the Danish National Research Foundation’s Dark Cosmology Centre, where she researches how cosmic dust is created and which role the dust has in relation to the formation of complex molecules, stars and planets.

“I am incredibly proud to receive the award, which is a great recognition of my research from the researchers themselves”, explains Anja C. Andersen.

In her research she has worked with models of how one can, from observations of dust in the space between stars, calculate the form of the cosmic grains. This is of vital importance for astrophysical observations.

It is characteristic of Anja Andersen’s research that she works at the intersection between physics, chemistry, geology and biology. While she is researching the dust’s influence on early planet formation, she is simultaneously working on models of why life on earth is constructed of left hand twisted amino acids and right hand twisted sugars. The Danish Association of Masters and PhDs’ Research Award comes with 50.000 DKK.