Reference correctly and avoid plagiarism

When writing your assignments for university it is important to meet the rules for academic integrity.

Academic integrity regarding your assignments at the university means that it should be obvious:

  • which ideas are your own original content
  • which ideas belong to others
  • where you have obtained your knowledge
  • how reliable your sources are

It is essential to thoroughly 1) create references throughout your text which refer to 2) a bibliography where you have collected all sources from your references.

More help

You can explore different reference and citation techniques on your own. In the future we will develop an introduction to APA Style and Harvard Style which are some of the most common techniques, but you could also look into MLA, AIP, Vancouver or Parenthetical.

Reference managing programs (external links)

Mendeley (free)

This program can be installed on several different kind of units (smartphone, computer, tablet) and it works for handling references as well as an academic social network through which you can collaborate with others online.

Endnote (subject to license)

Via EndNote a database is created where your references are kept. The program can be used to organize your work; you can create different folders for articles, projects and specific assignments. Furthermore you can comment on references, explaining them for when you're looking back at them in the future, and it is possible to save texts matching references. You decide what reference and citation technique you would like the bibliography in and EndNote can export the final list to several different formats (plain text, Rich Text Format, HTML or XML).

Zotero (free)

Zotero collects your references in a searchable interface and you can add many different types of files (pictures, screenshots, articles, websites, .PDF). Furthermore you can add notes and metadata to different references and you can add and organize available online material directly through your browser. It is also possible to import as well as export your bibliography in different formats (such as Word or LibreOffice) and reference formats.

BibTeX (free)

Mainly used in connection with LaTeX, but it can also be used with other programs such as Word to organize and manage references. BibTeX uses a simple text format.