Today, the library at the Niels Bohr Institute only consists of the department at Blegdamsvej 17. In the main room (pictured), you'll find most of our lending books, i.e. the most commonly used books by both students and staff at the institute, but our collection also includes materials dating back to the 17th and 18th century.

A unique quality of our library is that you will find that the books are sorted into research topics and then alphabetically sorted within each topic. That way, you can quickly gather material relevant to your research.

The purpose of the library is to offer help and information to students, researchers and guests at the institute in order to contribute to the learning, research and teaching at the place. We want to help you as best as possible, and we greatly appreciate the interaction with guests at the library.

The library is not a public library, and so, the collection is therefore only freely available to internal users from the institute - and occasionally to other staff and students at KU. If you are not a staff member or student at NBI and wish to make use of our collection, you need to address the head of institute and explain why you wish to use the library's resources, how long you will need them, and to what extent you will need assistance from the library staff. The institute and the library are generally very cooperative but remain the right to refuse the request.