100-year Niels Bohr Institute celebration

Live stream from Auditorium A. March 3, 2021 from 10.00 – 12.00. This event will be recorded on video and we will send out a link later.

On March 3, our historic Auditorium A at Blegdamsvej will frame one of the most notable events in 2021, when we celebrate physics, the Institute, and its founder Niels Bohr. 

Niels Bohr Institute

A TV live program

Associate professor Jens Paaske will guide us through two hours of talks and entertainment. The event will be conducted as a TV live program, where you will get the opportunity to ask questions. 

You can look forward to meeting:

  • Sir Roger Penrose, who will talk about "his seminal contributions to the space-time singularity and its possible relations to the collapse of the quantum mechanical wave-function".
  • Associate professor Liselotte Jauffred, who will tell about "how space regulates the spread of microbes".
  • Archivist, MA in history Rob Sunderland, who will have a feature on "Niels Bohr and his Institute 1913-1931 as told by Mickey Mouse".
  • Associate professor Bo Vinther, who will discuss "the abrupt climate change that we are already experiencing".
  • Head of institute Jan W. Thomsen, a few words on the historic day.

In between there will be entertainment and surprises from the world of physics.