NBI Science Day 2019

As a new approach the Niels Bohr Institute will have NBI Science Day every year.
The aim is to have a nice and inspiring day where our researchers will show, tell and inspire each other with all their ongoing research.
The group of participants spans master students to full professors.

It is of great importance that all NBI's VIP staff and PhD-students attend, and master students are most welcome too.

Head of institute, Jan W. Thomsen



12:55-13:00   Introduction

13:00-13:40   talk 1

Martin Hayhurst Appel: Generating multi-photon entanglement with quantum dots in photonic nano structures.

14:00-14:40   Troels C. Petersen: 'title'

14:40-15:00   Matthias Wilhelm: Boiling the universe, theoretically

15:00-15:20   Coffee, tea and cake outside the auditorium

15:20-16:00   Lise Arleth: 'title'

16:00-16:20   mini talk 3

16:20-17:00   talk 4

Lars Kristensen: Astrophysics and chemistry: from molecules to stars and planets

17:20-18:00   Anders Svensson: When will the next ice age come?

18:00- 19.30  Food and Drinks outside the auditorium.

Registration, deadline: October 1st
Please sign up for the event here >>